Guide to Wood Carving Faces Part 1

Easy Step by step guide to wood carving the perfect face. Follow along at home and create this guide and learn techniques you will use for all your faces large and small. Remember to Subscribe in order to see all my videos coming up.


  1. Great videos Sharon! You have such a wonderful way of explaining these cuts. I never thought I would love carving so much. Thank you , looking forward to future videos. I’m a fan.

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  3. Hahaha an oriental person

  4. An oriental person??WTF

  5. Ædrick The Paladin

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this…

  6. What exact kind of wood is this and where do you get it? Also which kinds of wood would also be carveable?

  7. She lowkey bad

  8. an oriental person eh? 3:25   -_-

  9. It’s bass wood.

  10. I love your video i get this set of knives and i’m starting doing it very good with my projects! i leave here the link:

  11. I use bass wood or lime because it is easy to carve

  12. what did u say about asian? :<

  13. she said if you bring the cut for the eyes across the figure will look more like an oriental person

  14. awesome

  15. game changer surviving assasin

    I’d like to do that but I’m just a kid

  16. Thanks for sharing these tutorials. They are helpful, I learned a lot. I’m an abstract painter looking at getting involved in sellable art.

  17. Damn, that knife cuts like butter.

  18. wish my grandma was this cool.

  19. mam can u tell the wood name?

  20. You guys literally butchered the asian comment to oblivion. lame. Cool project. Im looking for a tutorial for the female figure, but I haven’t found one yet

  21. The God-Emperor Of Mankind

    All these comments screaming about racism are pretty stupid, it’s a simple fact that different races look different, our faces are often structured completely differently, and an artist, of all people, should be aware of these differences, understanding anatomy is part of what makes a good artist. If you’re really so concerned about offending people then perhaps art isn’t for you.

  22. Victor Nguyen You do realise that isn’t the most awful thing she could have said… she could have said chink…

  23. She could’ve said janked chinky chanked yellow zipperhead

  24. Ganesh Kumar she did, in the video. The name of the woo is BassWood (Bass, like the fish, not the low toned sound wave).

  25. game changer surviving assasin, depends on your age and marurity level, and whether your guardians will let you use sharp knives, but I was carving on wood when I was four or five, and started shooting guns and rifles at six and hand guns at eight. Times and cultures have changed so much. Some change has been for the better, and some for the worse. Ethnic freedoms is a real good example and over protection (babying) of our youth is a real bad thing. Young people are capable of so much more than the average culture deems appropriate.

  26. Victor Nguyen I know, right. She should of said “slanty eyed yellow bastard”.

  27. ORIENTAL PERSON?!? HAHA😂😂😂. As an Asian myself, I’m not offended, but just call us Asians, yellars or chinks. 🤣😂🤣😂

  28. *There is a cnc build guide on >>> **** >*

  29. literally nothing

  30. Kendrick Palmore the wood is also quite soft

  31. Thomas Russell this comments is underated

  32. SharonMyART i like it can i have a tools from you

  33. Should she have said Dink, Gook, Fish head, etc.?

  34. She should have said Gook, fish head, monkey, yellow midget, or Dink. That would have been funnier.

  35. 裴效黎 do you really expect people to name every race that exists in the Orient can you name every race of native American? should I be offended because you don’t know the difference between hupa and navaho or siox?

  36. relax! She didn’t mean anything. that’s just how older generation talks.

  37. She said Bass wood

  38. Grendel Sloth what like Russian Asian?

  39. Grant Watt East Asian to get into specifics

  40. Grendel Sloth oh right, so, the orient then?

  41. That is rasict and that is not nice you should not label people.

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