Guide to Buying or Building a Woodworking Workbench

Joshua Farnsworth talks about how to choose a workbench for traditional woodworking. The below link leads to his list of the basic set of hand tools that you'll need when getting started in traditional woodworking:

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  1. Silent Woodworker

    Hi Joshua, thanks for your great videos. I really enjoy them.
    I have to ask you a question, because i also use a Sjöbergs Elite ( mine is
    a 1500) and i saw that you have two holdfasts for your bench. I use the
    Sjöbergs Holdfasts, but… well… they arent “fast” when it comes to
    fasten something. 😀
    The must be screwed thight every time…
    The problem is, that almost all holdfasts on the market are made for 3/4
    inch holes, but the Elite has 1 inch holes. So i wonder, where you bought
    your holdfasts and what brand they are.
    Kind regards from Austria, mike. :-)

  2. Hi Mike,

    Austria is one of my favorite places to visit! I actually purchased
    “Gramercy” holdfasts (recommended to me by Roy Underhill). They aren’t used
    in the 1″ holes, but I drilled my own holes. Don’t be afraid to drill into
    the top! You can see Gramercy’s recommendations for how to drill the holes.
    They also have some tips for making them work well. See my workbench buying
    guide for the gramercy video:

  3. Silent Woodworker

    +Wood and Shop Thank you very much!

  4. +StudioExit13 You are most welcome. Feel free to ask any other questions.

  5. Hi Joshua Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial i absolutely love it!
    Keep up the great work! 😀 May i ask where you got your woodwork bench from
    because i will like to buy it and i like the style as well. Thank you from
    the UK^^

  6. In one of the many woodworking channels on YT, I saw one of the pros
    recommending that you roughen up the area of the holdfasts that are in the
    bench top with a file (do some random scratches basically). That seemed to
    work well for him.

  7. Thanks for another tutorial on THE BENCH. I have found THE BENCH to be
    confusing as everyone has an opinion and there does not seem to one right
    or one wrong. I have found one question to be of importance. Are you a
    NEO-Patternmaker or a Cabinet Maker. Patternmakers never really needed to
    concern themselves with traditional joinery and its obvious in their
    benches. Often you would see vices such as the emmert or kindt collins
    along with no dog holes and no tail vice. Also, placing storage under a
    pattern bench is a good idea. Placing storage under a traditional bench,
    NOT so good an idea as the act of chisel pounding can “bounce” sharp edged
    tools in the drawers leading to possible damage. Do you work on cement
    floors? If so, you might reconsider the tool tray on the back of the
    bench. A rolling chisel can send you back to the grinder and stones if
    your not careful. I prefer the tray as it contains all the tools I need
    for a given task when I need them. After spending countless hours
    investigating options, I find myself gravitating back to the ancient
    scandinavian bench used by Taig Friede and Frank Claus. There is a reason
    a bench design that is more than 400 years old is still being used by top
    cabinet makers today. I am getting ready to begin two new benches and will
    document these on my youtube channel. One will be a pattern maker with a
    vintage kindt collins vice and the other will be a classical cabinet maker
    with a traditional tail vice. These are my own personal benches and so
    they will be personalized and incorporate custom made hardware done by
    myself. Just adding yet another opinion to the mine field of opinions.

  8. Fabricio Fontenelle

    Ótimo vídeo, obrigado! Very nice video, thanks!

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