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Guide to Buying a Woodworking Block Plane

Joshua Farnsworth talks about how to choose a block plane for traditional woodworking. The below link leads to his list of the basic set of hand tools that you'll need when getting started in traditional woodworking:

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  1. Joshua,
    It would be useful to hear you discuss the geometry of plane blade
    sharpening for the various classes of planes. How would sharpening a block
    plane iron compare to sharpening a number 4 sized smoother, for instance.
    Is a block plane iron sharpened straight across the blade or mildly
    cambered like so many of the bench planes.

    I’m just getting my feet wet in the use of hand planes, but I’d like to
    understand this well enough to recondition flea market finds of all sorts,
    like those beautiful wood bodied planes as well as the old Stanleys and
    Records. Then, I’d like to transition to making my own wooden bodied
    planes and other tools. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find concise,
    systematic and straightforward sources for this information.

    Your youtube work is great and I thank you for your work. You have a
    wonderfully easy style and presence in your videos. If you are ever
    wanting for a topic for a video, please consider covering the geometry of
    iron sharpening for the block and bench planes.

    Thanks, again,


  2. Russ, thank you so much for the suggestion! I’ve added it to my long list,
    but put it toward the top. I don’t know of any video that compares the
    different planes, so that would be helpful.

  3. +Wood and Shop
    Just got my copy of Garret Hack’s “The Handplane Book” which you so highly
    recommended. I’ve only glimpsed at it, but I can tell I like it already.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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