Get started in woodworking. Beginning woodworking: tools you’ll need.

This is a video to encourage people interested in woodworking to go ahead and get started in the hobby. Don't be dismayed by woodworkers with their high-end tools and techniques. You don't need a lot of fancy tools or space to set up a basic shop. With a small amount of money you can make a lot of practical projects.


  1. Hi Steve, great video! I myself used to have a short tv series back in the
    80s (check my channel). My how things have changed since then. Peace, love
    and woodworking, Les.

  2. Here’s Some Advice That’ll Save You $$$… On Your Next Woodworking

  3. I found you a couple of days ago and have watched at least a dozen of your
    videos. You are funny, insightful, helpful and did I mention funny? You are
    the Bob Ross of woodworking. i subscribed to you after the first video.
    Thanks for doing these.

  4. DK Dempcey Knight DK

    All due respect, tell your wife I’m waiting for her to screw up so I can
    snatch you up =p

  5. ‫محمد سليمان‬‎

    same here.

  6. To be honest, I find a drill press lots more important than a router saw.

  7. graham mcallister

    what’s a router saw? I don’t have one of those. 🙁

  8. he’s like a five year old on a super high

  9. In Steve We Trust…. jajaja when i look this video, i think, you look like
    Dr House jaja whatever, i love your videos , like the humor and the way
    like you work, greetings from Mexico

  10. This vídeo is exactly what i was looking for, easy start! Thanks

  11. According to what I have seen in youtube glue ups, you need a clamp for
    every 6 inches of every size from 2 inches to 30. Which is about 50 clamps
    for about $40 each. Spring clamps, bar clamps, screw clamps, C clamps, deep
    clamps, wooden clamps, pipe clamps, et al.

  12. I just made a set of kitchen cabinets with a half a dozen c clamps, only
    regret they weren’t automatic clamps like the vice grip style.

  13. Corner clamps are good too, but you need 8 of them. That is $320 bucks. I
    think the overall best/cheapest solution is to use pipe clamps and culls.
    But if you glue a large 4 sided box, (I know I know what other type is
    there.. but there could be a top and bottom to glue too, so that is 6
    sided) you need at least 3 culls for each side. Top middle bottom. Which in
    the end is 12 clamps. $300.00 plus the black iron pipe. Or a hook at one
    end and a clamp at the other. Pipe clamps are so pricey I think a hook/wire
    turnbuckle and cull system would be cheaper and better.

    The only other way(s) to do it are strap clamps, diagonal braces, or angle
    iron corner clamps/4 way wood sliding/half lap clamp. The latter is 4 deals
    or boards which are lapped/locked at one end and screw advanced/pulled at
    the other. The screw impinges on the crossing brace or deal and pulls on
    the latching lap joint on the other end, sliding thru a dado on the screw

  14. +Eric Charters You only really need 2 If you do one corner at a time

  15. On a super high what?

  16. Yyes, but with corner clamps & if you want to wait 20 hours to glue the
    box. But you need to glue, top, bottom and middle you will find if the box
    is of any size. And holding the work square when there are only two sides
    is difficult unless you put the work inside a square-up jig.

    There are all kinds of ways to skin this cat. Square-out could be done by a
    frame made to fit, or sliding frame arrangement.. or it could be a set of
    cross diagonals. Two sticks with a slide arrangement to change lengths of
    crossing pieces or just eentsy c clamped.

    I have found with boxes you need to pull from both directions on a corner
    … one is not enough.. And since your finger joints should have proud
    pins, you need to put your culls just inside the pins.. Vertical culls
    protected by wax paper, on all four corners. Then two clamps for each
    direction top and bottom. Or one clamp and a restraint for the other end of
    the cull. The restraint really is a clamp but can be iron wire or
    turnbuckle and 3/16th stainless wire. So two clamps + 2 other end
    restraints for top, and 2 clamps and same for bottom & 4 vertical culls.

    Denatured alcohol and a wet rag to clean your glue. Stains on plywood are a
    major PITA.

  17. i love this guy

  18. No drill?

  19. Whats everyone’s favorite tool? My favorite by far is the jig/band saw, i
    love making intricate cuts. :)

  20. throwback

  21. aradetchemist aradet

    thanks teacher

  22. this video is exactly what I was looking for!Thank You!

  23. thanks! 🙂 can’t believe I found this after sending you a message hehe

  24. I have been wood working now for about 1 1/2 years now, winter months only
    .i have made some nice shelves,cabinets,benches ,shoe rack and a very nice
    Bailey chair for our German shepherd. I am acquiring a lot of wood working
    tools so far, getting better at it every day,

  25. this video made my research more fun! :)))

  26. I started off with a hand saw that wasn’t fun at all so I bought a jig saw
    was so much easier.but then I found my cuts wasn’t as straight so I bought
    a mitre saw and well……. wood working has changed I can do cuts at all
    different angles . I’ve bought my self some really good wood glue tite
    bound ll.only last week I’ve bought a table saw and I can’t wait to use
    it.i guess I was a beginner a few years ago I was scared to use anything
    with power in it but now I love it :)

  27. Great job Steve, your just the kind of feller I like to learn from ! You
    have a new fan . I’m just getting started at 54 . I’ll be watching. Thanks
    and God. Bless

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