Gemini Wood Carving Duplicator

Overview of the Gemini Wood Carving Machine. Video shows carving a solid body electric guitar using an existing guitar body. This carving machine can duplicate to 2-dimensions and also 3-dimensions with optional rotary fixture. Can duplicate many items like guitar bodies, guitar necks, cello plates and neck, violin plates and necks, and other stringed instruments.

Also can duplicate, duck decoys, figurines, chairs legs and furniture, moldings and more! The perfect tool for the professional woodworker.

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  1. perdekts

  2. where did you get your guides or how did you make them to match your bit 

  3. Isn’t this outdated since cnc was born?

  4. Depends on how much money you have. The carver would be around $1000 with
    the router and bits. The cnc machine would be around $10,000 to $35,000.
    Pick your pain.

  5. Good day friend, my name is Savio live in Brazil and I would be making a
    paramotor propeller but I also know that this cutter is that you are
    working on and how I can buy. The site is vedeo: Gemini Wood Carving

    Bom dia amigo, meu nome é Sávio moro no Brasil e gostaria de estar
    fabricando helice de paramotor mas gostaria tambem de saber que fresa é
    esta que voçe esta trabalhando e como posso comprar. O site do vedeo é: Gemini
    Wood Carving Duplicator

  6. so is the Model A Ford…but I still have one…SMH

  7. +Lee Goins Ok, if this is about love, cool 🙂 I have Ford capri 36 year

  8. +joshicune
    I sold my Capri ages ago, wish I didn’t lol Had the 2 litre ‘S’

  9. have you peeps seen the price of this? Check out Matthias Wandel channel,
    you can actually build one of these for a fraction of the cost!

  10. wow….thats wild!

  11. cuanto cuesta el aparato

  12. leonardo patricio Alavarez Villalva

    hola como consigo y cuanto cuesta una de estas maquinas…

  13. PROMeteusz Millenium

    Genius 😀 .

  14. Big deal. Chuck Norris does this with a spoon.

  15. de donde eres yo tengo una en venta…..

  16. How much does it cost then??

  17. Half the video is nothing driving nails and getting it ready.. Just show
    the carving would be a better video….

  18. Wouldn’t a flat pattern of the body speed up the work? Cut it on a band saw
    and trim it with a pettern bit. Having to hog out all that wood with the
    router just to form the outline, looks like a waste of time and money.

  19. it is a simple and useful video for learn something.speciali for amateurs
    who start working with wood,like i am. i plan to make similar construction
    alone.thx for video. best regards from CROATIA.

  20. over $500.00 just for shipping and it takes 6 weeks to get one for around

  21. Just build Matthias Wandel’s router copy carver, it does the same thing &
    is way cheaper.

  22. +Colton Blumhagen just buy CNC for the same price… Ummmm what year is
    this? and people still use hand tools?
    move on

  23. +James Rockford If you’re trying to copy a physical object explain to me
    how you could use a cnc for that? Then you’d have to make it in CAD
    software. With a copy carver you just do it.

  24. +Colton Blumhagen
    virtually all common objects are available in 3D format. If not you can
    scan it, or draw it.
    It comes down to this. If you can’t draw it in a 1/2 hour in, CAD then
    it’s obviously to complex for a duplicarver. Does that make sense?

    These duplicarvers are not precision, so it’s cool for a hobby but they are
    not for production by any stretch. You can buy CNC router for like $1500 now

  25. Well this is a simple and useful tool for making expertly designed wood
    items. Make you appreciate quality work.

  26. how much are they? what’s the maximum length?

  27. Very expensive for such a simple piece of equipment, hardly worth the
    asking price. I can build it for a fraction of the price you’re asking. In
    fact I think I will.

  28. Quiero saber el precio actual, por favor

  29. this is a very interesting job

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