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I recently re-configured my small garage workshop to improve its organization and usability. The shop allows me to do automotive and motorcycle maintenance, woodworking and electronics. My shop includes all of the major tools like a table saw, jointer, planer and bandsaw as well as a floor standing drill press and miter saw. The shop configuration can scale based on the size and type of project I'm completing.


  1. Stopped watching at 2:53… Saw the Obama Biden sign.

  2. Ted's The Great Shop

    Bummer. Sad when people shut down just because of differences in
    opinions/values. Take care!

  3. I’m joking of course… I’ll agree with what you said.

  4. Ted's The Great Shop

    +Langdon Harris Ah gotcha, Cool. 🙂 You might be surprised at
    how…er…’passionately’ some people comment about the sign. Most of the
    time I have to block them because they’re so bad. But as your comment
    shows, I really try not block comments whenever I can. Hope you enjoy the

  5. Yeah man! Great work!

  6. Great video, Ted! I guess I’ll let that blue poster slide 😉 I would be
    interested to hear more about the routing of your dust collection, air
    hoses, and the electrical wiring. I’m considering 3 extra circuits just
    like you mentioned.

  7. Ted's The Great Shop

    Funny, that old yard sign gets more comments than everything else.

    I added a 20amp circuit for each the front and side walls. I simply ran
    surface conduit and 12ga Romex.. Air hose is basically the same thing but
    splicing an old air hose. Dust collection is a single friction fit 4″ hose
    that runs to my dust collector. Everything is so close and mobile it
    doesn’t make sense fixing hoses. Oh, and a vac hose from my Ridgid shop vac.

  8. +Ted’s The Great Shop thanks for the quick response. Was the sub panel and
    new circuits a DIY or did you opt for safety and hire that one out?

  9. Ted's The Great Shop

    +Tyler S it’s really not very difficult to do safely if you have experience
    working with electricity. Not as tough as adding a main panel. I did walk
    through it with an electrician friend. If you’re not comfortable with it
    (there are load concerns that are house by house specific as well as local
    codes) you should definitely involve a pro. No reason to get killed over a
    little $$.

  10. Awesome garage man. I watch Tested too and I’m planning on making my
    organization the same way Adam does et. First order retrievability. Now I
    just have to invest in tools

  11. Ted's The Great Shop

    Great to hear. And they have an episode where they talk about the best
    essential tools for makers. You might find that of interest if you haven’t
    seen it. I’ve been kicking around doing some follow-up videos touring some
    different tool groups. Do you think that would be of interest?

  12. +Ted’s The Great Shop Try it. Always good to see other people perform a task

  13. Or… lack of values

  14. 2 minutes I’m gone

  15. You are forced to do everything in your garage because of HOA rules and
    regulations, so is the Obama poster meant to be an Ironic joke?

  16. Ted's The Great Shop

    The real irony is the yard sign is in my garage because the HOA told me to
    take it down because I left it up two days after the election. LOL (just
    habit seeing it there and didn’t think to take it down quickly.

    As inconvenient as the HOA rules are for my personal car repair, I knew
    what I was facing when I bought the place. And they do help to keep the
    value up for the neighborhood. Neighborhoods in the area without them look
    a lot worse both physically and on the balance sheet.

  17. It drives me nuts everytime I write them a check..The fact that I actually
    pay someone to tell me what I can and cannot do with stuff I own. I’m cool
    with paying for neighborhood upkeep like taking care of the lake, park,
    street lights, landscaping, but they cross the line when they start telling
    me where I can put a fence and what I can and cannot do in MY driveway.
    Okay…I’m done. That’s my HOA venting for the week 🙂

  18. Ted's The Great Shop

    Yeah, I can appreciate that. My dues cover a lot (front yard, pool, tennis
    courts, etc.) so I feel like I get my money’s worth. Fortunately they
    haven’t been too militant the few times I’ve left a motorcycle out

  19. Thumbs down Obama sign

  20. Ted's The Great Shop

    As I’ve said before, it’s a sad day when political ideology gets in the way
    of woodworking. Take care!

  21. Great Shop Ted! It’s a shame that some of the comments that have nothing to
    do with how great some of the features in your shop are.

    I had a couple of questions what size is your assembly table? I really like
    how it gets out of the way. A Paulk style table would definitely move
    around easier. My other question has to do with the flow in your shop. I
    too have motorcycles that live in the garage, and I am still looking for a
    solution of parking the bike when I have long projects going on. Do you
    move the bikes out during the day when you are woodworking? Or do they live
    in an open section of the Garage. I live in Portland, so in winter the rain
    makes putting the bikes outside not ideal.

  22. Ted's The Great Shop

    Thanks Brian!! I appreciate it on both points.

  23. Ted's The Great Shop

    Oh man, sorry that I didn’t see your questions earlier. The assembly table
    is 80″ x 43″. The motorcycles will usually stay in the garage, tucked up
    next to the assembly table. Only the largest projects will (e.g. large
    cabinets) will require the motorcycles to be moved out of the garage. I can
    even work on all four corners of my car with the motorcycles in place. I
    keep them next to the garage door in case I do have to do a parts run while
    the car is out of commission.

  24. Kevin “Tall Guy” Vokey

    so…if you leave your motorcycle out overnight someone gives you a hard
    time? in my neighborhood if I leave my bike out overnight I have to look in
    the classifieds to buy it back.

    you’ve given me ideas for my garage that is marginally larger (20×20)

  25. Ted's The Great Shop

    +Kevin “Tall Guy” Vokey Yeah, my problems aren’t that bad on the spectrum
    of things. Glad you got some value from the video and I hope your bike
    stays safe. 🙂

  26. For your miter saw station, what are the bench tops made out of and what is
    their depth? The organization in your garage is spot on. I am currently in
    the process of reorganizing my garage. I am trying to convert my current
    work bench into a miter saw station. I would like to build some kind of
    mobile work station as well. Very nice video. Look forward to seeing more.

  27. Ted's The Great Shop

    +Justin Hein Thanks! The countertops were made of some (odd) 9/16″ pre
    finished plywood I had laying around, on top of 1/2″ MDF and supported
    underneath by a 2×4″ (flat oriented boards) frame. The pre finished ply
    makes them easy to clean, and the MDF gives them working depth to recess
    the T-Track. The 2×4 frame gives it strength.

  28. Ted's The Great Shop

    And side note, I actually have a Sketch Up file on their construction. If
    it’s really of value I can try to dig it up and post it in the cloud
    warehouse. Just let me know.

  29. Jorge Serrato (Jor Daddy)

    Thanks, I like all the space saving ideas! Great channel btw, hope to see
    more in the future.

    p.s. Don’t bother replying to the negative narrow minded comments every
    channel has them. Don’t apologize for who you are after all freedom of
    speech, religion, sexual preference and political ideals are what makes
    America Greater than it’s ever been.

  30. Ted's The Great Shop

    Thanks Jorge! I’m glad you got some value from the video. And thanks for
    the support on all fronts. 🙂

  31. lathe cutting fluid doesn’t smell so much and comes in 5ltr can 1 can lasts
    me 3 yrs as you dilute it to use,
    Iput it in a spray bottle for convienience,
    hope this helps

  32. Ted's The Great Shop

    Thanks for the idea!

  33. Great job. Like the set up and still functions as a garage.

  34. Ted's The Great Shop

    Thanks! It’s a tight fit but it works.

  35. I really like how you keep organized. Have you thought about ceiling racks
    for storage? The garage door would take up a great deal of real estate, but
    the ceiling could be a great place to store things not routinely used

  36. Ted's The Great Shop

    That’s a very good suggestion. I do have a little stored from the ceiling,
    and coincidentally it’s above where the garage door opens. Just some thin
    items like crossbars for my car rack. The rest of the garage ceiling I try
    keep very open because it’s so low (only 8′). I do some tall projects and
    would be quickly banging into anything above. Thanks for checking out the
    video and I appreciate the idea.

  37. Making anything?

  38. for cutting oil I use Planet Safe Lubricants AIM product. No odor
    whatsoever, non-toxic and works for everything you would use WD-40 for
    (except this stuff works). Also works as a rust remover. I’ve been able to
    free up O2 sensors that were so corroded I thought I was going to have to
    replace the exhaust manifold. Give it a try – Tell them Troy sent you. 🙂 I give
    them shameless plugs in my videos all the time because I love their stuff!

  39. Ted's The Great Shop

    Thanks for the idea!!

  40. Super!!

  41. Ted's The Great Shop

    Thanks! I’m glad you found it of use.

  42. perhaps….But I watch quite a few videos on private shops, wood,
    machinist, electrical / electronic , you name it.
    And as memory serves me I don’t remember any with a political poster as
    prominently displayed as the one in yours and
    my speculation as intentionally positioned .It appears you were in fact the
    first to introduce political ideology …
    And I find it hard to believe you did not consider it could and would
    invoke commentary from viewers.
    This is my first time visiting your site because it was in my RECOMMENDED
    cue. I have no idea if the poster is visible an any of your
    other vids…and will not have the opportunity to find out…Take care!

  43. haha… never mix politics with your videos… Add political signs to your
    videos only if you want to reduce your audience to a specific political
    party… Sponsors or potential sponsors will also take note…Other than
    that… nice video!

  44. Your garage looks like paradise man, including your black ninja.

  45. Ted's The Great Shop

    +Rigers Perhati Thanks!

  46. What model # is your Delta table saw? Did it come with that fence or did
    you upgrade?

  47. Ted's The Great Shop

    It’s the Delta 36-979 left tilt contractor’s saw. The steel and aluminum
    fence came with with it.

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