Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions

Garage & Workshop Storage Solutions for bikes, tools, garden tools, workshop tools, ladders and other stuff… Storage Ideas to help you get organized.


  1. I got my ladders outside, under the eaves now, i’m getting rid of my radial
    arm saw, I keep my bicycles in my bedroom and the cars stay outside …

  2. Wow, you’ve done a great job! I’m going to apply some of those ideas to my
    shop. Thanks. 

  3. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Awesome! It doesn’t have to cost lots to be organized. My first t up was
    a 2×4 workbench with some shelves and a sheet of OSB on the wall with
    screws in it to hold wrenches and other tools. It was cheap and awesome!


  5. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Thanks Rob!

  6. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Thanks Rob!

  7. Box of 50 assorted pegs. 8 bucks at Harbor Freight One of their best kept
    secrets. They have a few few specialty shape racks too. A dab of clear
    caulk in the peg hole holds them in place and still looks ok.

  8. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Gitar Zan Are those the metal pegs? Good price regardless! I like the
    caulking idea too. Thanks for your comment!

  9. yep metal ones. I’ve have used 5 box’s in my garage so far (ha ha) I’ve
    been working on my wall for a few months in my spare time. Very time
    consuming to get it just right Yours is way cooler looking though.

  10. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Gitar Zan Function over fashion! Have you tried the Talon pegs? They are
    expensive but awesome. Hey, I’d love to see a picture (or video) when you
    are done with your wall of tools. Feel free to try posting it on my
    Channel or on my FB page Also here is the
    Talon Pegs link – I bought mine from Lee Valley Tools

  11. I only saw today that there were other types of hooks. I wish I had seen
    them when I started. I still have work to do on it but I might make a video
    when I am done soon. I have never posted a vid but I have the gear to make
    them if I can find some time. Thanks for asking.

  12. Great Ideas. I’m working on reorganizing my shop area. I’m defiantly
    using your pegboard sliding door idea. Thanks.

  13. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +acarrig Thanks! Good luck with your organization project!

  14. Are you Canadian or just northern Wisconsin?

  15. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Tobin Prowant LOL! In Canada

  16. What kind of things do you fix or create in your workshop by the way I live
    in northwest Ohio. 

  17. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Tobin Prowant I fix bikes, cars, and all the regular household stuff. I
    also enjoy woodworking and make a lot of easier projects like bookcases and
    coat shelves. I liked the hanging tool cabinet project as it was larger
    project and very useful. It also makes my neighbours stop, look in and say
    “Wow! You have the nicest garage!”

  18. Good video. Are you from GTA area? Working in garage for hobby projects
    during winter is not easy. I am planning to move all tools in basement as
    garage is only functional 2-4 months.

  19. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +N. Ismat Yes I’m close to the GTA. My neighbour has a fantastic basement
    workshop. The only problems are noise for the rest of the house and getting
    extra dust in the cold air returns. Enjoy your workshop and post a picture
    or video after!

  20. fellow Canadian here.. how much to recruit you to do my garage!?

  21. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Jon Bennett LOL! I LOVE to do this stuff! I also love to spend other
    peoples money, and I LOVE BEER!

  22. frig were a match!

  23. Great video and good ideas. I was wondering about your vacuum system. Could
    you give some ideas how you did yours? Also I like the sliding tool
    storage. Could you share where you got that?

  24. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Dean Scott The Vac. system is described in my “Workshop Dust Collection”
    video. The Cabinet is from Shop Notes magazine issue 77 Oct. 2004 and they
    call it “Sliding-Door Shop Cabinet” It’s my favourite shop project!
    Thanks for your comment!

  25. Great tips and super organized, love it. It also looks like the display
    case has a slot in it for the circular saw to ‘drop into’ it…but not
    sure. Same for what looks like a jig saw in the vid. Is that what you
    did?… if not, think i’m going to do it when I make my power tool display.
    Nice Nice Nice, thanks so much!! :)

  26. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Mikel Kd I did for the circular saw but not for the jig saw. it’s a quick
    release blade so there is no need. However if you don’t have a quick
    release model than it would be a good idea to incorporate that feature. (I
    do have a video of the tool display cabinet -see link below) Thanks for
    your comment and good luck with your build!

  27. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Mikel Kd also this video shows more about it –

  28. GardenDavesProjects

    Hi, cool video. May I ask – how do your cupboard doors slide? Wheels or
    rails like draw rails? I’m considering creating some with draw rails but am
    interested in your opinion, please.

  29. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +GardenDavesProjects The Cabinet is from Shop Notes magazine issue 77 Oct.
    2004 and they call it “Sliding-Door Shop Cabinet” It’s my favourite shop
    project! It is on patio door hardware cut into recesses in the door. The
    top has a simple washer used as the slider spacer. You can use barn door
    hardware, you could use a wheel bolted into the door at the bottom that
    runs on a rail. So many options! Let your imagination run free! If it
    doesn’t work properly then try something else. Good Luck!

  30. The WoodWorking Warrior

    This video gave me some great shop organization ideas. I already made a
    pegboard organizer. It would be cool if you would let me know what you

  31. Some of your storage ideas brought back memories I had forgotten about!
    Thank you! I am getting ready to build a work shed and am glad I saw your
    video! I am totally going to do your sliding door and the screwdrivers
    holder and the ball rack! Thank you!

  32. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Our Family Styles – Thanks! Good luck with your build!

  33. I have seen very little on here about the radial arm saw, but you have one!
    Can you do a more in depth video just on the radial arm saw and how you
    built the cabinet and work bench around it??? I’m building a shed/workshop
    this summer (I hope) and space is limited (20×20) so I have to fit my RAS
    in there! It’s free standing with a separate bench right now.

  34. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Gar Bow – I have a couple of video’s and will be making more on the RAS.
    If you have more questions feel free to ask! Here are the links to 2 more
    videos on the RAS. and

  35. +Rob’s Garage Woodworking
    Thank you! I’ll take a look at them as soon as I get a chance!

  36. some great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  37. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    +Deltabravo604 – Thanks! Best of luck organizing your garage!

  38. HOOSIER 0x007 O_o'

    is there a room above the mezz?

  39. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    LOL! It’s just like everything else I guess. Take voltage for example.
    There is no such thing as voltage. Electromotive force is measured in
    volts. People say “what is the amperage?” meaning how much current is
    flowing through the circuit or what is the current rating for the breaker
    or device. No such thing as amperage. Current is measured in amps. Or you
    are selling your house people ask “what is the square footage?” No such
    thing as square footage but area can be measured in square feet…

  40. HOOSIER 0x007 O_o'

    All forms of measuring the same could be said about liters , gallons ,
    pounds etc .
    But the before mentioned loft and mezz are structural design like roof and
    floor .

  41. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Good analogy. I checked the definition when you posted it (I hate to be
    wrong LOL!). The companies that manufacture the storage platforms call them
    mezzanines – which is contradictory to the definition. Weird! Thanks for
    the clarification and chat.

  42. HOOSIER 0x007 O_o'

    Been there myself . For what its worth it was not meant as an insult just
    an observation . And I am familiar with the use of the term in that
    environment . My work has a mezz and its not really a mezz by the
    definition . But forget the definitions keep making these cool videos 🙂

  43. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Thanks! I appreciate your comments and feedback!

  44. Kevin “Tall Guy” Vokey

    I like the dust collection piping. I haven’t settled on if I’ll bother with
    it in my shop (which is why I’m here gathering ideas for my own place), but
    it’s neat and quite out of the way in yours.

  45. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    You really have to have a total shop plan. Need a location where your tools
    will go to set up something permanent. Good luck with your set up!

  46. Kevin “Tall Guy” Vokey

    when I get around to it I shall try to make a video log of it. if I do I’ll
    post you a link

  47. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    I’d love to see it!

  48. Me likey.

  49. Rob's Garage Woodworking


  50. those metal clips for the pegboard…. The hardware store has a black
    plastic clip to hold them in place (clips into holes beside the clip0….
    available in Canada anyways ……

  51. Rob's Garage Woodworking

    Yes those are available and there are a variety of ways to help prevent
    them from coming out. I still like the “Talon” plastic locking pegboard
    pegs the most.
    Thanks for your comment Ray!

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