Garage Workshop Shelves for $20

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These are the least expensive free-standing shelves I could some up with that were still worth building. The project took me about 2 hours to build 16 feet of shelves. These shelves measure 96″ wide by 18″ deep by 75″ tall. They will safely hold 200lbs per shelf or more.

Total cost $36.63 for the 8' section or under $19 per 4′ section, which is how you would buy them from the store.


  1. The Rolling Workbench

    Here’s how I built a sturdy, low cost set of shelves for my workshop!

  2. Thanks very much : I like that you made them so us basic handymen can do
    it. Thanks

  3. Nice job. I’ll be making these in the next week or two. No table saw, alas.

  4. I will be using your method to create my new garage shelves because as you
    said it’s fast and cheap.

  5. Super chido we, muchas gracias. Muy simple y útil.

  6. Great stuff, thank you very much!

  7. Nice video. Thanks for editing it and doing a voice over ;)

  8. Also, you say 4 shelves but I only see 3.

  9. The Rolling Workbench

    Not sure what you mean?

  10. ok great, thanks a lot!

  11. +The Rolling Workbench Yeah. Your site also states “Materials for one 8′
    wide section with 4 shelves” but the finished product and picture shows
    only 3 shelves. I enjoy watching your video. Thanks for sharing. I will
    make one like this soon.

  12. Instead of the 1×3 can you use a 2×2

  13. +titans nation he said you could but that it turned out the 1×3 was cheaper

  14. nice! thanks! couple Qs. is it dangerous to rip cut something so long?
    what’s the difference in sturdiness b/w using 2x2s vs 2x4s?

  15. Hi there. Why do you need those furring strips under the fiber board of the
    shelving? They seem to waste space. Is there a way to do it without those
    or so that they don’t waste space?

  16. cool I’m doing this thank bud

  17. Billy Toilembocker

    It’s only 3 shelves is what he means, unless you are counting the floor as
    a shelf. Personally I would have added a shelf an inch or so off the floor.

  18. 20$ what about all the tools you need to build it!! lots of money!.

  19. TheUslockedandloaded

    In reality you could use a hand saw, and a hammer. It would be much more
    time consuming however.

  20. I realise you made this video a long time ago, but could you again provide
    a breakdown of material?

  21. OSB is not good for shelving, plywood is a whole lot better, in my honest

  22. Terry Tackett lol can you tell people “reason why” the other are better? so
    other can understand. instead saying” it’s better” from your “honest

  23. Rafa van damme lol those tools pay off it self. If you’re planning to do a
    lot of wooda projects, or diy , fixing stuff around the house. You can use
    hand saw. regular screw and Hamer. but the costs is your time.

  24. The Rolling Workbench

    I agree. Plywood is stronger and smoother, but it’s more expensive
    comparing sheets of the same thickness. For these shelves I figured the osb
    would be plenty good.

  25. The Rolling Workbench

    Michelle Ritona I meant there are 4 vertical sections, with 3 shelves each.

  26. The Rolling Workbench

    AmazonShroom thanks for watching!

  27. The Rolling Workbench

    Spencer Lawrence I have not had a problem with doing it that way. Don’t do
    it if you don’t feel confident though. In terms of strength, I would think
    a 2×4 would be at least twice as strong as a 2×2, but they take away from
    your shelf space a bit and would cost more. For most simple storage
    shelves, I think the 2x2s are strong enough.

  28. The Rolling Workbench

    TheMikeAkin there might be, but they are there to keep the middle of the
    shelves from sagging.

  29. The Rolling Workbench

    Fioneenacockeen you’re welcome!

  30. !!!!

  31. Please just use 2x4s! Just bought a house where they used 2×2 and they are
    sagging and useless. Dont be cheap.

  32. I love this cheap rendition of garage storage shelving!

  33. I tried clicking the link you offered and it would not load . Could you
    make them available ?

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