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Buy DVDs now: Jeremy Broun shares some tips and strategies for converting a garage into a vehicle workshop including his simple bench design using standard two by two with no joints or glue. Time served tips such as clamping pieces first to prevent them drifting apart when screwing them together! This is a taster for general principles that can be applied to any project.


  1. Unfortunately, I think your philosophy on construction and woodwork would seem out of date with woodworkers nowadays.BUT, I personally like what you are saying. Its actually quite refreshing, especially if you dont have a huge amount of money and time to spend on expensive tools and materials. It sounds like you might have inspired many kids in to making and design!

  2. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Please enlighten me on why you think my philosophy is out of date. I would have thought that low cost, improvisational/resourceful woodworking with minimum basic tools was well within the limitations of many young people, if they can find a space to do woodwork in? my methods couldn’t be more simple!

  3. At 41 I don’t know if I qualify as the younger generation, but for me I want to say that watching videos, especially by talented and highly skilled people such as Mr. Broun has been a real eye opener as to what can be done in small spaces. In the past when there was something that I wanted to build I’d get caught up in all the have to have tools and the big workshops full of equipment, and end up not building certain projects. So thank you Mr. Broun your videos have taught me a lot.

  4. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Of course you qualify as young Mr Builderofstuff and thanks for acknowledging what I am trying to offer here. I’m unclear what Mr Luxton meant as I have always been an innovator with wood and ‘less is more is a philosophy’ that hardly goes out of date. Admittedly I use hand drawings rather than Sketchup but, as you rightly say, subscribe to ‘small is beautiful’
    rather than the big impressive workshop with expensive tools. I wish we could inspire/encourage more young kids to take up woodwork.

  5. I will always be more impressed with the guy that has a couple clamps, his homemade tablesaw, and a few misc hand and power tools that turns out 20 projects a year than I will be with the guy that has a huge shop full of equipment and makes virtually nothing. Sometimes I think having a big shop full of tools can be as much of a hindrance as thinking you need a shop full of tools.

  6. I agree, cars that I really didn’t want to get rid off,but refused to let them sit and rot outside.Anybody who likes doing projects,make sure the house you rent or buy has a garage or the budget to build one right away.

  7. Interesting philosophy, not sure your video description was quite right though. It would have been nice to see even a rudimentary explanation of how to make a basic work bench, rather than just saying use plywood and 2×2 and screws.

  8. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +Andrew Goodman Well I expect you will find more of what you are wanting on another channel! I thought I had demonstrate quite clearly the basic principle for others of low cost easy bench making! The idea is to inspire people but you can’t win em all! ‘Quite right’ is an odd comment for creative imagination!

  9. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Well I guess comments are open season! I am a well known innovator and many of my jigs and methods are unique in that they are simple, low cost and time and skill saving. I don’t know what is backward about that!!! If you follow my history you will find I have pushed the boundaries from day one but I wont throw the baby out with the bath water and combine old and new methods. Please check out my vast range of publications particularly my radical ‘Acoustic Guitar Easy Build’ ebook:

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