1. Do everything yourself apart from welding… Yep, that sounds like a good motto to me! 🙂

    I’m impressed with the hoist solution you’ve created. In a different workshop, I imagine it could be used to lift machinery.

  2. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    Yes Ollie it could be used to lift machinery for assembly and also in tandem with trolleys and jacks. We ‘impossibly’ moved a huge bandsaw from the road, through a house and into a workshop – probably the same way the stones for Stonehenge were freighted!

  3. It seems we have similar interests, I’m building a MEV Rocket and solved the engine lifting problem with the purchase of a 250Kg electric winch – similar to the link below. It allows me to lift the engine in/out without having to worry about the chains hitting/damaging the bodywork. I would have thought a welded adapter would have solved the same problem without any height loss.


  4. +Stephen Barnes I checked out the link you left for the winch and at 5m per minute wouldn’t that be too much (quick) for lifting car engines in and out?

  5. Very nice. Have you tried a wire feed MIG welder? They make flux core wire that doesn’t require inert gas & they are super easy to use. Not to mention, they are highly versatile. With different wires & gas you could do aluminium & all kinds of stuff. That’s more advanced but if you start with a basic flux core wire (simple point & pull the trigger) you will get to the more advanced stuff in no time. Even if you stick with the very basics it is sooooo handy to have the ability to weld at home.

  6. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +shananagans5 Oh if only!! I can make rockets out of wood that can fly to the moon but I can’t weld (despite having an arc welder)! I would absolutely love a small MIG welder but it is a skill that has to be 100% right! You are probably a professional?

  7. +Woodomain – Jeremy Broun I am not a professional but I did initially learn arc in HS 30 years ago & I have been doing it on & off on a hobby level. 
    Years ago I did some desert racing & built some basic trailers & did repairs on the car.
    Then I went to school & didn’t have time or money for projects & didn’t touch the welder for 10 years except for a few days when I made some steel picture frames for my dorm mates art show. I also fixed the leg on her bed (don’t ask how that broke) lol. Anyways, point being, even though I learned a long time ago I don’t have extensive experience. It has been on & off. I like the Mig because I can just pick it up & go even if I haven’t touched it in a year.
    I will do some practice welds if I am doing something critical for safety. Yes, you are 100% right, if it is something critical & safety is an issue, it must be done right. However, most things are not critical. It’s super handy to be able to just burn together an exhaust hanger or make a simple bracket or what have you.
    There is kind of a knack to it and, like many things, some people seem to get it real quick & some struggle. I picked up welding quick but I can’t tune a carb to save my life. 
    Anyways, Mig welders have come down in price drastically from years ago. You can get a home unit for $500 or less & they are much easier than arc. No stuck rods, easier heat control. Run down to your local welding supply shop some afternoon & have a go with a Mig.
    Most places are set up to let you try different welders before you buy. Tell them you are fairly new to welding & want to try a machine that’s easy to use. 
    Love your woodworking. That is something I have never been good at. I love working with the wood but my stuff seems to look 2nd rate even if I take my time & put in a 100% effort.

  8. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +shananagans5 Thanks for that. I suppose what I sense is that welding ids real knack and I hear people say it is something you are born with. I just won’t risk my welds, even by giving them a hammering because they are in stress situations like in a high performance motor car chassis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo4lnHtMWWM&list=PLMSYcWuGT7v_DHj9t20IBujIVWCIGSRLu&index=5

  9. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +Stephen Barnes Yes I’ve got an electric winch but the ones available here are just not powerful enough. I had to remove a very heavy 2 litre diesel engine out of this car.Damage isn’t a problem with the chains and I can lift the whole car up if needed.

  10. really like the car and its a DIESEL !! that’s really cool

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