1. What happened to the second video? Would be good to see the end result.

  2. Caution must be taken with polystyrene at the time of purchase, concrete floor grade polystyrene is not fire retardant, the result is liquid flames if a fire takes hold.If it cannot be guaranteed 100% that it’s fire retardant then use polyurethane sheets aka foilboard (celotex,kingspan,ballytherm,ecotherm to name some brands).The other alternative is insulated plasterboard.

  3. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +Tony Sharpe The plasterboard is a fire barrier to a degree and the polystyrene here is not exposed.The biggest danger in my workshop is probably explosion from petrol although that is carefully considered. Thanks for the alternative suggestions.

  4. Woodomain - Jeremy Broun

    +2wheelspy This is the second video!

  5. great work. I was wondering if you could advise me on a potential workshop I may make/ buy for my new house. I desperately want to make a small woodwork shop and will probably buy a wooden one (as big as I can get without planning permission) and then kit it out. What I am worried about is noise disturbing the neighbours and wonder what you think is the best / cheapest solution to soundproof it. With all the machines going and an dust collector going ti could be quite noisy. Any advice would be great

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