Garage Workbench : Stage 1

First video in a series of where I am building my workbench in my garage. This one just covers the ideas that I have and steps. Its not a repair video, but I wanted to get some videos posted. I miss making them, and really need to get this garage in order so I can start working on my cars again 🙂

Updated: December 14, 2016 — 6:40 pm


  1. to much good stuff,you are going to need an addition,lol

  2. you are doing it the best way get your garage together then get your
    project started like the bench and your ideas later

  3. I trieed……ZZzzzzzzZZZZzzZZZzzzz………

  4. Lorddarthvader1701

    good to see a video from ya 

  5. Lorddarthvader1701

    Nice winter stuff for the other stuff

  6. Lorddarthvader1701

    Dang I wish I had a garage going to look good 

  7. Lorddarthvader1701

    Sorry for all the added posts, I like those Harbor Freight tool boxes, not
    bad for the money, they are not Snap-On’s but your not in hock to snap on
    for thousands either…That’s a lottery thing…

  8. how far OUT PAST the door does it stick out?? I see that eating mirrors of
    when you come in the shop 🙁 maybe put a couple uprights (legs) under the
    front,just so the wall is not carring all the load? a 4X4 in the corner for
    a vice? sorry for all the questions 🙁 looks REALLY good.

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