full wood spirit carving tutorial by d.m.allen how to carve a face

full wood spirit carving by d.m.allen how to carve a face
On this video i go through the entire carving of a wood spirit. all facial features and hair. It's a long one so grab some popcorn!
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This full video is made and owned by daniel moore allen.


  1. You may stay longer on the macro level of the form before going into detail.

  2. lol we have a cat problem

  3. It’s safe to say every time you cut out it’s probably because the cat’s jump up again dint they? I could here there bells Haha

  4. Speaking of stabbing your self, last night I stabbed my self reeeeaaal bad with a small pfeil gouge… it practically poked the bone on my thumb… huges amounts of blood. So hes right when he says “your probably going to stab your self, you just have to get through it”

  5. +Max Savino
    I bought some gloves at Lee Valley. Princess Auto has some  also

  6. Wendigo La Sutsua

  7. Can you let me know which tools you used and the size of each as well as what you use to sharpen your tools with?

    I love your work especially the one that looks like a rock star and the one where you really layered the beard that you flipped over and you said you went for a fire look!

  8. Thanks for your reply!…. I enjoy your work. Thank you for your help!

  9. i don’t know to draw or to ww. but i wanna try it :O

  10. +Crixus The Gaul true that i had to laugh watching one of schpoingle’s carving lessons and he has this giant bandage on the Vulnerable spot

  11. sorry for the delay but if you are still interested or if someone else reads this comment; woodcarvers rarely know how to draw or draw well. Drawing is complicated abstraction that requires ridiculous amounts of memory. Carving isn’t an abstraction it’s actually there, in 3d. and the amount of memory required is way less and it’s easier because it’s series of cuts and actual 3d shapes which our minds are all made to work with. Just thought i’d throw that out there.
    thanks for enjoying!

  12. +schpoingle
    thank you

  13. This is cool, but it’s not a tutorial. You really didn’t explain how to do much of anything. I appreciate the content though.

  14. very nice job.. I just learned the other day that I had this talent to carve, and never new it lol.. I was just  messing around with a stick I had found while medal detecting in the woods, and started to carve a Vikings face into the top of the stick. but I was wondering where did you purchase your carving tools.. I would really like to get a good set so I don’t mind paying the money for something of a good quality, as I found this to be a very good stress relieving hobby. so I thought I might give this a shot.. thank you for your help with this, and I must say you are very good at carving.. very nice job you did. “god bless” Ben…

  15. It gives the impression that did not really know what you are doing

  16. thanks. very good

  17. This is what as wood it looks easy to work

  18. absolutley brilliant a pleasure to watch

  19. Beautiful work

  20. Aitor A thanks!

  21. your have Wood ? for carving

  22. Fantastic tutorial… an inspiration to the xbox generation about carving etc. I find attacking a lump of wood with an old pen knife multi tool very therapeutic. Do you guys find sometimes the wood almost has something in it just waiting to be carved/ wittled? Keep up the great vids, and maybe kitty could get it’s own slot on hand carved scratch posts? Lol

  23. thanks man! and yeah i think woodcarving is more than therapeutic…it’s almost spiritual. it turns something on inside us that our society doesn’t usually promote. i miss my cats so bad. girlfriend threw me out after 12 years. i’m couch hopping now. you didn’t need to know that…..:)

  24. Wow… that sucks. Hope things work out for you and you can get started again. Now you truly can make “hobo” art lol. Good luck

  25. Fantastic, I loved every minute of it! I haven’t tried carving anything of such detail yet, however your video encourages me to give it a go!

  26. I don’t see many people carving with walnut, is there an issue with it? i’m carving my favorite teacher and i don’t want to have to blackface pine to make it accurate.

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