1. Very nice. French cleat with a kick. Great idea!

  2. Thanks.

  3. I hope this isn’t offensive but its a serious question… Is arthritis a
    common thing that woodworkers get? I only ask because I think I saw another
    YouTube video of a woodworker who had the same situation with his hands.
    Like I said, I hope it’s not offensive to ask; they are certainly more
    skilled than mine anyway!

  4. Kevin, I have an atrophy, and it is not common.

  5. Interesting idea. I Like.
    But it would be safer to do not mount in the horizontal, and in the
    vertical plane.
    To put on the stand on the bracket – top down

  6. I would use some proper wood screws, drywall screws aren’t the best choice,
    as they snap off pretty easy under strain.

  7. I have never had a problem with them. If there is too much torque I won’t
    use them.

  8. Thanks for simplify my day.

    Regards and Best Wishes from Chile.

  9. +José Zaro I am glad it works for you!

  10. Very cool!

  11. Dear Jack: Thank you VM for teach us!, something new today I have learned
    :). One question: It’s important in addition to nail the two planks which
    are glued? or it is enough sturdy with only glue?. I’m working with french
    cleat, but my first test it was on MDF 15 mm thick. And I was surprised
    about the how many pound it could be resist. Up today the test is
    continuing with weight on them. I don’t want listen none noise about
    “french falling crumbling” in these days :). That is my point about joining
    two planks from pallets (hard wood) but these are 1 inch thick only. I was
    thinking to glue two planks to join them and make somethink like you made
    in your video tutorial (I’llbe using your idea in my grinder). Very thanks
    in advance by your responses and your teaching. Good luck, health and
    happines for you from Córdoba Argentina.

  12. Now I can see!, the lever action in the back of vertical pieces plus rabbet
    this all helps to support the weight . Excuse me!

  13. My first thought is that the vibrations must go through the whole house
    with that grinder on it, but that might not be a problem if there are no
    other people in the house. I could not do that where i live anyway. Good
    sturdy shelf system though.

  14. +punkbloater It is very sturdy and so far no one has complained about any

  15. ………………but however wide the shelf is renders the space either to
    the left or the right useless as you need the same amount of space to slide
    the tool shelf onto the wall mount. Did you not think that the traditional
    French cleat would hold? Great video in any case.

  16. Look which way your blade tilts. There’s nothing sissy about’em

  17. good job thanx ehhh

  18. There ain’t nothing sissy about keeping all your fingers! Everyone should
    have some of those sticks in their workshop arsenal.

  19. perfect, ty

  20. I just love this concept. I will apply this to putting up a covered
    headboard for my bed. thank you for sharing your skills with us.

  21. A cool idea, i think i will be trying it out for my grinder, it will free
    up some space on my bench. Thank you.

  22. Nearly a kickback on your first 45 degree cut (minute 1:46) …. I cringed
    as you stopped pushing it all the way through the blade. Odds of a kickback
    are increased when the blade is tilted TOWARD the fence. Nice job and idea

  23. awesome idea…good job!

  24. Smart! Thank you Jack.

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