French Cleat Pocket Hole Drill Charging Station – 135

You can build this french cleat pocket hole drill charging station in a few hours. For free plans click the link above.

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  1. How To Make A French Cleat Pocket Hole Drill Charging Station. This is a useful project that you can make in a few hours. The last of my French cleat build videos….for now anyway. Free plans available here:

  2. yes, great editing and imagination!

  3. New table saw info:

  4. Another handy project Jay!! Keep ’em coming.

  5. Hey Jay, Would love to see a sketchup video for this project.

  6. Nicely done Jay! I like how you snuck in that sticker later. Hell’s Bells }:-P

  7. Gotta build one!

  8. For those about to rock!

  9. Doc MacLaren's Tinkering

    Forgot to mention, AC☇DC rocks.

  10. Very much so!

  11. +Jay Bates Right on. Nice work and great video. As my favorite band would say “We Salute You”.

  12. Once again a great video. Thanks for posting. Just one question. Were did you get those yellpw boxes at?

  13. +Lancer Mccullin They came in one of those multi-bin organizers from Lowes. 

  14. Ok cool thanks. I am trying to make something that is easier to see and organise then those clear pull out drawers.

  15. Very nice. Thanks for posting.

  16. Super great job on your videos. Would it be possible to get your sketchup file for this projet. Thanks

  17. Do you have any videos or instructions that show how you made the horizontal beams that hold up your shelves? I see they are both cut on angles. Thanks.


    me ensina amigo,

  19. Cool, but, why French cleat this? That’s for something you’re going to take off and use elsewhere. You also want bit storage, and a lot more room for screws.

  20. great video bud!!!! I have a project coming up and wanted to know how many pounds can a french cleat system handle.

  21. Nice driller and nailer rhythm.

  22. Awesome Video Dude.

  23. Salut Jay, depuis que je te visionne je trouve ce projet trés réussi! Bravo!

  24. Your videos are EXCELLENT! I like while you are explaining something boring but absolutely necessary and your double is working off to the side doing ALL THE WORK. LOL! Great stuff & enjoyable to watch.

  25. Muito bom mesmo Jay. Fico entusiasmado ao ver seus vídeos. Parabéns.

  26. French cleat will be my next project. Thanks.

  27. Love the air gun in time with the music!!! Your videos always have some nice interesting little details like that… great job…

  28. Wow, I was looking for a drill holder and remembered you did one. You have really come a long way, Jay. Thanks for sharing.

  29. nice job

  30. love the tigers/red wings combo!! I’m from Jackson Michigan….now living in Fremantle Western Australia. Great vid!!

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