French Cleat Drills / Bits / Charging Station

Free set of plans:

In this video I finally get around to building a drill bit storage, cordless drill storage and drill battery charging station. This organizer is going to be placed next to my fastener shelf so I will not be able to get everything I need to drill and fasten with one stop in the shop.

I used 3/4" plywood for the construction and mini french cleats to make a modular storage for the drill bits.

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  1. I really like the idea of the mini French cleats inside the cabinet.

  2. great build, loved the kid at 2:54. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  3. +Junkyard129 Yea that made me laugh when I was editing! Thanks for watching!

  4. I concur with +Junkyard129, you should do some projects with the kids. LOL

  5. I loved the kid starting at 3:43 just don’t blink! lol

  6. luis flávio cataldi costa

    parabéns, senhor Tiler ótimo trabalho.

  7. Safety glasses man
    Good job

  8. Sensacional…

  9. Go forward .. will talk to you later

  10. There’s nothing like being organized! Great job.

  11. Really good job.
    You earned a subscriber.

  12. Mike F. Connolly Art

    Very cool!

  13. Thanks Mike!

  14. Tyler, I’ve browsed through the comments but I didn’t see an answer to my question: What do you do with all of the cases/boxes/containers for these tools and accessories when you put them all in a station like this? Do you just have a big box/tote full of empty tool cases or do you pitch them?

    And great video! My oldest just turned 2 over the weekend and he loves to help as well.

  15. +Ian Mathews Right now I have a few hard cases stored away but will probably pitch them, soft cases that the RIDGID tools come in I have kept a few larger ones and the kids play with the smaller ones.

  16. Obrigado ! Vou fabricar um igual!

  17. Nice design and build. I like how you show the finished build in the beginning. Do yourself a big favor and get a tracksaw for those big plywood breakdowns. Worth the investment.

  18. Sicario _FR XboxOne

    good job!

  19. Amazing <3

  20. I wish we had the same.. like you have inch and here in europe we have cm! 👍🇺🇸 but still love the USA!

  21. That is friggin’ nice. I love it. I’m definitely going to make that. After seeing that I just have to subscribe….

  22. Another thing I like, is no rabbits, no dados, just nails and glue. I have great success doing that too. The glue is stronger than the wood, so……

  23. It’s nice to have help in the shop.

  24. I loved it! Will attempt to build one.

  25. Haha, love the part where the little hands put the square up in the assy table! Nice build, too!

  26. muy buen trabajo, felicidades.

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