Frank Klausz Woodworking Workshop Tour

Frank Klausz gives Joshua Farnsworth a tour of his new workshop:

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  1. Did you see all the beer bottles lined up along the ceiling? Beautiful
    shop! So inspiring! I look forward to meeting him next month.

  2. This shop is like a chapel.
    You could spend all day there just admiring the craftsmanship

  3. +DimebagVision Indeed, I did a few prayers while I was there 🙂

  4. I couldn’t work in there. I’d be afraid to damage something or get it
    messed up.
    I’ll have to stick with my old 40’s building.

  5. +newstart49 Ha, ha. Yup, it’s like a museum.

  6. Frank seemed like a nice guy, I like how enthusiastic he was to show us his

  7. +weegary100 Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to get a dovetail demo!

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  12. So nice! Thanks for the video

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  16. This is one of the nicest I’ve seen. Great atmosphere, and that entryway is
    pure class.

  17. Nice channel! Like your vids ))

  18. That isn’t just a wood shop. THAT is the ultimate “Man Cave”! Much respect
    to Mr. Klausz. The knowledge that man has. I stand in awe.

  19. Boy, you’d better be aces with the dust-collector set-up in that place. And
    I’ve seen old-school guys with antique moulding-plane inventories that were
    big enough to take up an entire wall in a normal rectangle-shaped building.
    Frank’s plane collection is much reduced from that category. But that
    Plumb-bob collection! Ha! In the space of about four feet, it’s a
    world-class museum of the history of plumb-bobs, all by itself! THAT’s the
    part that blew my mind on this tour.

  20. +John Pearson Go take your spam and stuff it in a wood chipper or somewhere
    else that the sun doesn’t shine.

  21. Greg Porpora Weekend Woodworker

    So jealous

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  24. Robert Kisielewski

    wow. this workshop looks amazing. it shows how much love and soul was
    poured in it. im amazed !!!

  25. Why do most traditional woodwoorkers look like great guys?

  26. Because they are, they learned long ago that something made with your own
    hands beets anything you can buy at a store. The pride of turning rough
    wood into something that you, your kids, and your grandchildren can use
    stands as a lasting testament of craftsmanship over expedience.

  27. In compared to my this shop is like a temple :)

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  29. camera work sucks, its making me sick to watch!

  30. Too nice for a workshop.

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  32. Larry Samford (Larry)


  33. This is my impossible dream
    great man

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