Flattening a work bench top

Flattening a workbench top using wooden hand planes. It starts with a Jointer Plane and finishes off with a Smoothing Plane. The surface is checked with a Straightedge during the process to quickly show the high or low spots which need to be eliminated to get the accurate flat surface you are after. Remember that everything you build on the bench relies on this flat surface as a reference.

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  1. nice!!! and it’s free too….cool thanks man.

  2. Interesting how he ejects the shaving with each pass. Fascinating technique
    with the Japanese hand plane.

  3. The planes are from HNT Gordon here in Australia. Different from Japanese
    planes with a 60 degree blade angle which is very good for our
    hardwoods.Blades are 6mm thick tool steel which takes and holds a lovely
    honed edge . Check them out at his website.

  4. what kind of wood are you planing? thanks!

  5. That bench is made of Silver Ash.(Flindersia Schottianna) .Lovely timber
    with very interlocked grain.

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  7. Pushing a plane is not helpful, how to adjust a plane for paper thin scarf
    and how you constantly check the wood for high spots would be.

  8. Take top off. Run through industrial planer for a few bucks. Done.

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