Feast Your Eyes on the Most Amazing Wood Carving Ever Created

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China has a long-standing tradition in wood carving. For centuries, its chisel-wielding masters have been turning bland pieces of wood into awe-inspiring masterpieces, but none as impressive as the mind-blowing creation Zheng Chunhui. This talented Chinese artist spent the last four years painstakingly carving a detailed replica of Along the River during the Qingming Festival, a famous traditional Chinese painting, into a 12-meter-long tree trunk. The breathtaking beauty of his work simply cannot be expressed into words, you just have to see it for yourself.

As you can imagine, Zheng Chunhui needed mountains of patience to complete his wooden masterpiece, but it was all worth it. Apart from the praise of everyone who got to see the artwork up close at its recent unveiling, the Chinese artist was also honored by the Guinness Book of Records with the new world record for the longest wood carving. It measures 12.286 meters long, 3.075 meters high and 2.401 meters wide.


  1. Too bad the video isn’t in HD. It’s so fuzzy. Still…an amazing sculpture.

  2. Amazing

  3. I work at a lumber yard and this is just amazing

  4. Shut up !!! And show me the masterpiece!!

  5. feast your eyes on 30s of blurry 480p and a boring powerpoint… This absolute masterpiece deserved better …

  6. How ridiculous is this vid. It shows 2 large long paragraphs of narrative and a few seconds of the carving. People man….

  7. I agree with ralph james – perhaps the most banal Video Ever –

  8. +Bob Sullivan He mentions it only to be topical to the video. How embarrassing that it had to be pointed out to you.

  9. +Allen Moss
    How embarrassing that you have no appreciation for sarcasm. “Topical to the video.” Interesting phrase. Thanks for mentioning it.

  10. Not embarrassing, actually quite normal when people don’t appreciate sarcastic internet douchery.

  11. +Allen Moss
    Reading YouTube comments must be very stressful for you. I suppose I could apologize for my “Sarcastic internet douchery” but you are unable to appreciate the sarcasm.
    Really dude; LIghten Up!

  12. And he’s working for .10 an hour. He has 6000 hrs invested and has earned $600 . I will offer $1800 if you can ship to the U.S.

  13. no words!

  14. That’s nothing. Just wait until he finishes the wooded dildo set he’s been working on. It will be epic!

  15. We could just as easily have been bored by a voice-over whilst we looked at the work itself. Its dimensions are secondary to the mastery of the execution. Is this an official video?

  16. +Bob Sullivan Moron.

  17. Absolute artistry was one of the best carvings I have ever seen what I seen of it. This video definitely doesn’t do it justice what a shame deserved so much more!

  18. hello, I am a computer telling you this was nice blieb blieb

  19. What? That’s it? Where’s the rest of this video?

  20. Just WOW!!!

  21. no justice photos suck all 30 sec

  22. Olivier Renaudat m

  23. There is no “bland” pieces of wood, only bland people.

  24. What a waste of time………blah blah blah, where’s the f****** carving????

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  26. if this was an actual one piece carving, a video like this was quite an insult to the carver. I wonder if the person shooting the video knew (and hated) the artist

  27. amazing, but 2000 years or more years back in India, especially in Kerala, was made unbelievable wooden carvings still you can see everywhere.

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