Fairy Garden ♥ DIY

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I have been waiting so long to create a fairy garden! Now is the perfect time to make one! Don't forget to share how your fairy gardens look! #CreateCQ Leave a LIKE and SHARE if you will be making one yourself!

Plants used:
Alternanthera 'Truly Gold'

Red LED Mushroom – mochithings.com

Fairy Garden – DIY

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Music by Podington Bear
From The Sound of Picture Production Library

Fairy Gardens caught my eye last Spring but I wasn't able to make one till now! I seriously am in LOVE with how this turned out and will probably be making some as gifts!


  1. First comment!!

  2. I love the DIY!

  3. Regardless, that’s a pretty awesome “fairy garden”. I wish I have the money and time to do that. lol

  4. Isabella_the_Loser

    1$t comet yay! I’m so9oooooooo happy

  5. This is SO MAGICAL 😀

  6. Omg that looks magical!!
    Your creative diys never fail to put a smile on my face <3
    I just love you and your creativity Tiff <3

  7. i now have a great idea for a mothers day gift! thank you tiffy

  8. I love this diy… I’m gonna go and search up fairy gardens on google images and stare at them for 10 minutes now.

  9. 🍳cellent!

    Get it?

    Get my joke?!



  10. This is perfect for Mother’s Day, especially since my mother loves plants 😍

  11. TIFF!!! I’m mad at you (NOT!) !!!,I’ve been watching sailor moon so much that I completely stopped watching YouTube! It’s so good! BTW, What sailor scout is your favorite? Mine is Mercury.

  12. Katy Rose Doherty

    That’s actually really really really cute omg I’m doing this!

  13. +MARCIA JOHNSON my last name is johnson C:

  14. I used to make these when I was a kid with my mom and overnight she would sprinkle glitter over everything so I would think fairies came to my little garden.

  15. Super cute! BTW I LOVE the elephant watering can! Where did you get it?? I have tons of elephant stuff (and rode an elephant once) because I love them so much 🙂


  17. That’s so sweet

  18. My mum made a human sized fairy garden in my front yard when I was little. It had a secret path to it & small circle in the centre, that had statues of fairies in it. Sometimes I would write little letters to the fairies and my mum would reply back, pretending to be the fairies

  19. Bittersweet Tragedy

    I love it! P.S. can you make a mermaid type DIY or something that is sea life.
    Thanks —  ^-^

  20. Love your elephant watering can!! Great DIY Cupquake! ^.^

  21. Definitely making one of these in the summer or in May. I had the idea maybe I could use a bigger pot and I could place a tiny little tree in the center and make a little rock path around it. Then I could make little biomes representing the seasons. Turquoise & red flowers for summer, pink & lilac purples for spring, orange, yellow & red for autumn, and white & light blue flowers for winter. Maybe I could make a small water feature as well and place some glass pebbles or crystals in the little fairy garden as well as some fairy statuettes. It could be a miniaturized Pixie Hollow from Tinker Bell 😀

  22. Btw, just a gardening tip. If you are using store bought plants out of a pot, make sure to pull the roots out a little bit. It honestly works wonders.

  23. aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! That is as cute as

  24. Sorry! I got cut off before I could finish. Starting were I left off.the cutest thing ever!

  25. The Adventures of Katelyn xoxo xo

    +Renee Phillips ikr

  26. The Adventures of Katelyn xoxo xo

    +Senna Abbott good 4 u

  27. It’s ok

  28. +Renee Phillips I’M DOING THAT!

  29. I’ve made one it wasn’t expensive at all 😅. It was really fun to make and it looks cute!

  30. +Laila Laila xD

  31. +astha thakur
    NU ITS MAI IDERA (no its my idea)

  32. Rude much?

  33. +Laila Laila How is it rude? she’s jusr using caps. its not offending anybody :L

  34. Didn’t say it to the first comment

  35. Ya lol

  36. +Karl Marquez I did it and it costed me 15$

  37. My little sister got on my account and typed this I told my mum what she did sorry for the inconvenience.

  38. +astha thakur same…:(

  39. Awww how cute <3

  40. Awww

  41. +Eadie Dee  thats awsome and cute 😊

  42. +Minty „Candy“ CandyArts  good idea

  43. cool

  44. stealing that idea right now thanks

  45. that’s cute :3

  46. Eadie Dee awww

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