Easy wall-mounted storage cabinet. Organize your garage or workshop!

This is a super easy-to-make storage cabinet you can build in a day using half a sheet of plywood. More information about this project and free plans:
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  1. It’s an even year next year. Go Giants! :-)

  2. Steve! I absolutely LOVE when you make mistake, mention what you did wrong
    and have a laugh instead of just not showing us or hiding it! love all your
    videos – keep on, gluing on!

  3. What brand of drill did you use in this video?

  4. Hey Steve, at 0:08 how did you capture that shot? Also, I’m a new sub and I
    really enjoy your projects!

  5. I was showing someone how to put up a shelf recently and went to drill into
    the wood and couldn’t figure out why the bit was having such trouble with
    quarter inch plywood.
    Turns out the drill was in reverse

  6. It looks like the person holding the camera was possibly standing on the
    stairs to the left of his overhead door. You can see the bottom of the
    stairs at the 12 second mark.

  7. I like the impersonation of pewdiepie, it was entertaining. :)

  8. Steve, I think you need to stay off the coffee! I had to slow the tape down
    to see it in normal speed, ha, ha!!

    This was brilliant. I need this so bad for my paint cans. I’m going to make
    one. Only thing is, I don’t know what a dado blade is. Is this something
    you can buy for your table saw, or a type of cut using a regular blade?
    Sorry, very much a novice carpenter here.

    Also, did you make those bungee cords to size? I need a whole bunch of
    custom bungee lengths in my RV cabinets. Very smart idea! Please share how
    they were made.

  9. Antonello De Angelis

    I can answer about the dado: a dado is a groove made in a board or at the
    edge of it to accomodate another board, perpendicular to the First. a dado
    can be cut with multiple passes on a regular saw blade, or with a “dado
    stack”, a stack of blades that can be set to different widths. If you live
    in Europe you’ll never find one, because they are not considered safe for
    legislative reasons.

  10. +Antonello De Angelis Ah, thank you sir! This was most instructive. I
    looked up dado blade and see what you mean. It looks mean! I don’t see how
    if you cut two parallel channels in wood, how you remove the center piece.
    I guess you just knock it off, eh?

    How is a dado blade unsafe? Does the wood have kickback?
    How do you get it to be only a certain height, and not cut through the
    wood? I guess you manually lower the blade to cut a groove in wood, not
    right through.

    It seems an inefficient way to cut a groove. How about a router bit instead?

  11. Antonello De Angelis

    With a dado blade the center is knocked off by the blade itself, so in one
    pass the whole groove is made. If you have to cut it with a regular blade
    you have to do multiple passes, so it takes longer. If you don’t have a
    stack you can go this way but it is less efficient. In that case a router
    becomes a valid alternative. To set the depth in a cut you just lower or
    raise the blade like you would with a regular one.

    In Europe dado stacks are regarded as unsafe for no practical reason, but
    safety laws impose that a tablesaw be used with a riving knife, whose use
    is rendered impossible (or useless) by a dado stack, hence those stacks are
    not legal. That’s also why here in Europe you won’t be able to find a
    single tablesaw with an arbour long enough to install a stack. Hope that
    makes sense. 🙂

  12. +Antonello De Angelis You explained this so well, many thanks! Now I
    finally understand a dado blade / blade stack. I could never understand
    what happened to that center piece of wood. This makes sense and a dado is
    a useful blade to have. They are pricey but I will get one. I also learned
    about riving knives – never knew they existed till now. I removed the
    plastic guide on my saw because I could not see the cut with it on. I will
    install the riving knife, especially since I have a cheaper Craftsman saw
    which is sometimes not aligned exactly right.

    I am learning bits and pieces of carpentry by doing projects, but lots of
    holes exist in my knowledge. The hardest thing with tools has been to know
    which brand of tools is the best for each job, and how to keep them in good
    working order, alignment, etc. The hardest thing about execution of a
    project is to figure out how to get perfect cuts with precision alignments
    and narrow tolerances. This is what differentiates a master craftsman from
    a DIYer. What a joy to have Youtube and all of you folks here to help

    Molto grazie Signor!

  13. Antonello De Angelis

    Prego, my friend! We all continuously learn from each other thanks to
    online communities! I’m not a professional either, I just have fun in my
    garage, and doing is the best way to learn! Have fun and be safe with your
    tools! 🙂

  14. Hi Steve, I looked for the plan but got a 404 error. Has the plan been
    removed? I did download it a while back, but since then have changed from
    Win to Linux Mint so all the plans are gone. Wanted to do this project for
    the workshop – out of space.
    My wife and I love watching your vids. Thanks!! Brian & Sandra (South

  15. plans don’t work Web page doesn’t exist

  16. Looks like harbor freight Drill Master or some other junk

  17. Thanks, got it!

  18. OULAD AFOUA Mohammed


  19. Christian DeMortuis

    LMAO..Ya gotta love it, my daily driver is a hearse. I noticed the rollers
    on the out feed end of the table saw are casket rollers out of a hearse!

  20. Saw blade installed backwards? Good to know you really are a mere mortal

  21. truck ?

  22. why orange??????

  23. Maybe so you don’t walk into it when the door is left open?

  24. I lost it at the let’s play part

  25. I hate orange because I worked for Home Depot for almost ten years.
    Cabinet’s a great idea though

  26. 1:25 reminds me of that time it took me 5 minutes to drill a hole.. then
    realized I was drilling counter-clockwise

  27. makes your shop feel like home depot

  28. +Steve Ramsey can’t sleep wondering, why orange?????

  29. +nantucketjeep I was all out of purple.

  30. +Steve Ramsey I use antique white comes already mixed in can, shows detail

  31. Gracias por tus buenas ideas saludos

  32. Michal Kubrický: DIY

    love the colour!

  33. nice job

  34. I love orange! I really like your video, I subscribed! Greetings from the
    int.border most transitated of the world! (Tijuana B.C /San Diego Ca).

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