1. hm. he must live in florida. lol one second its hot as the sahara and the
    second its rainy. lol

  2. Anyone know what material the subscriber used for the string? If its para
    cord, what size.

  3. 16″

  4. u look like Leafy

  5. +Adolf Hitler thanks Adolf

  6. 16 inch paracord

  7. excuse me bro, what material is the yellow thing??

  8. thats how FL is, but not too many 2 story houses

  9. LeAfYiSaFuCkInGrAcIsT !

    he lives in illinois

  10. We don’t have those driveway markers here in the UK, and importing them
    from the states costs more than just buying a ready made bow. Any
    substitutes that might work?

  11. Use a thick tree branch, or just a little growing tree dude. Look up
    primitive, he’s literally such a beast

  12. I think the recurve has more leverage or something

  13. i’m pretty sure you can find fiberglass in UK, it doesn’t need to be
    driveway markers, but for sure you can find it, but you can replace it with
    carbon fiber but it’s more expensive

  14. Isaac Galvan (TehRedBeast)

    Texas is like that to, and it sucks, this year we might actually have a
    winter, or not…

  15. The energy stored by a bow is the area under the curve defined by the draw
    weight as a function of draw distance. If two bows have the same weight at
    full draw, the one which had higher weights at mid-draw with have more
    energy. Recurves achieve this by using leverage to reduce the weight at
    full draw compared to what they would have been without it. In practice,
    they have a bulge of weight early in the draw curve where you don’t notice
    it, but it’s contributing to energy and speed.

  16. Badger0fDeath tent poles.

  17. +Nevil Well, there’s fibreglass here certainly. Off the top of my head i
    can’t think of any fibreglass rods comparable to these though.

  18. +The Humour Games! Yes!

  19. fiberglass markers are not necessarily needed I made a PVC bow and it works
    just fine.

  20. +Σίμωνας Κ. what thing

  21. RavenTV eli is. leafys is a ranting puss. and Eli is a man

  22. i live in greece and i can’t find the yellow driveway markers to make the

  23. RavenTV leafy is gay. spread it!

  24. Σίμωνας Κ. Fiberglass rods. Home repair outlets should have even if they
    aren’t yellow.

  25. The recurve bow is what the mongolians used against people in medival
    times.They were strong and short which made it easier to ride horses and

  26. +randomvideomaker oh no it’s a not at all cringy leafy hater!!!!

  27. Spectral Waffle ok wha t ever u say cringy leafy lover

  28. dude teach us the recurve bow

  29. Catalin Carcu except that he’s totally ripped!

  30. think I could use wood instead of fibreglass on the inside?

  31. Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage

    the recurve is badass

  32. Not really. You might as well just use pvc

  33. This is what y’all should do if y’all don’t have license for a gun

  34. and the arrows how did u make them?

  35. Would it be too much of a bad idea to use four (or five, or six…)
    markers, maybe with a thicker tube? I really don’t know the limits of PVC.

  36. What is the recurve bow made of?

  37. Does this bow suffer from bad parallax?

  38. 7:20 is that your fucker?

  39. can anyone tell me what can i use instead of fiberglass,there is none to
    buy where i live…? can i use wood ot smthing idk ?

  40. 084 117 115 104 097 097 114 074 097 105 110

    why doesnt the fiberglass inside the bow shatter? It seems to be bearing a
    lot of load!

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