Dust Collection Piping and Testing

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  1. Your dust collection sucks… (I just had to say it)

  2. I though you were going Ave style by saying focus you F#%/

  3. I mean do you …………… it’s just …………… it not just ……. do you………. the pipe is green sir!

  4. I purchased a cyclone dust collector about a month ago. I bought all my pipes, gates, and fittings this weekend.
    I’m getting on a plane in about 3 hours to go on vacation and you’ve got me so jacked, I want to stay home and hook it all up.
    Thanks a lot Jay.
    any thoughts about grounding the system?

  5. You know you have dedicated subscribers when they’ll watch a 20 minute video about dust 🙂
    Great job, as usual, Mr. Bates

  6. That scene fade out you’re using keeps making me think my phone screen is going to turn off. Great stuff though. My garage is a giant pile of dust. Jealous.

  7. Especially when many of those viewers have the same system already installed!

  8. Dammit someone beat me to the pun.

  9. Ether Oar secretly? Haha

  10. interesting comments about not needing the system to be grounded. I always wondered why all the articles that say it could explode never mention one that actually did.

  11. I think this every time ANY youtuber is struggling with focus!

  12. It’s not about exploding, it’s about the PVC generating a static charge from the air and particles, and the static discharging into the dust and setting fire to it.
    I’ve never seen evidence of it actually happening, but since grounding is so easy, it seems like a reasonable safety precaution (particularly in a shop attached to a house) especially in a high-humidity environment like where jay lives.

  13. oobaka1967 – you know they are also dedicated, when they don’t even have a shop yet, and watch a video about dust collection!

  14. TheOneWhoMightBe humid air is a natural conductor. much less chance of a static charge

  15. what he said! lol

  16. same here — totally jealous of this set up!!!

  17. I Greene n

  18. Wesley Aring yo Westly!

  19. Ron Dude It could be an effect with the lighting. I thought the bits by the miter saw looked blue. The brightness on my screen is low though.

    Edit: Upon closer inspection the the little bits look green as well.

  20. The best thing to do is to see what everyone else does to make decisions for your self. Then go and upload your videos to help others and the process continues for others, 🙂

  21. I like the green pipe. It trims the shop out and gives it depth. I like that you can easily see the system too.

  22. Jay you should check out Rob Cosman’s bandsaw dust collection hack, I tried it on my 15″ and it works amazing…

  23. Caddy Guy Gaming n n

  24. brcryo ??

  25. Ultimate Collection of wood plans on WoodBuilderPlans,com site NYT Bestseller

  26. Are the pipe and fittings all SDR 35? I bought schedule 40 for my Cleat Vue cyclone but it doesn’t fit the cyclone inlet. Don’t want have to take it all back.

  27. yes, SDR35

  28. I think the grounding for the pipe itself is not necessary, a dust explosion happens (let’s say you work in a normal working temperature) mostly because there’s an electric sparks in the vacuum machine. If you run the system with a brushless motor, it’s safer.

  29. Jay how have you dealt with the noise of the cyclone? Mine sounds like a jet taking off.

  30. Hearing protection. I don’t live close enough to annoy neighbors and I generally don’t work when my wife is home from work.

  31. Jay, thank you.

  32. Harbor Freight free magnetic dish…

  33. Derek Mcclenahan

    Nice video, very informative, SUBBED!

  34. Desertdave Woodworking

    Jay, what filter are you using on your mask? Is it the 2091 or the 2097?

  35. What design plan are you using on your computer.

  36. Jay, I keep coming back to this video as I set up my own 6″ DC set up. Thanks for the detail as this has been a valuable resource.

  37. Damn, you know Ave too ? guy is becoming a celebrity . Anyway, stumbled across this fellow and the boy is a 10 on dust collection. best I have ever seen.

  38. Got to say this. PVC when rubbed by saw dust in a low humidity environment will generate Static electricity. In damp or high humidity environment the charge is bled off before it can Zap you. That’s why some folks claim they have a shop using PVC duct and have never got zapped. AntiStatic Sprays like “Static Guard” work like high humidity and bleed of the charge. Running grn wires etc is a waste of energy and time. Just spray the duct and be done with it. On new PVC pipe spraying 2-3 times fixes the problem for ever. When cutting PVC the dust sticks to every thing and is hard to clean up. Spray the PVC before cutting and it solves the clean up problem. Works on flex hose also.

  39. Hey Jay, sorry to ask on an older video (not sure if you keep up with comments and I can’t message you on Facebook), where were you able to source the PVC locally? Just a big box store? I’m having a hell of a time here and am trying to avoid paying shipping on a bunch of big PVC. Thanks man. 🙂

  40. So cool

  41. I think its ok to leave the black tube going to the top of the table saw. The 4 inch at the bottom should pick up more dust and do more work. I would understand the concern about the strain on the dust collector if you didnt have the bottom 4 inch connected.
    Awesome system!

  42. As I’m newer to woodworking this may seem like a silly question. Is the respirator really necessary if you have such a fancy dust collection system? Seems pretty clean!

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