Ductless Air Conditioner, Mystery Leak | Episode 17, Season 8 (2009)

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey heads to Tampa, Florida, to help a homeowner cool off his garage workshop with a ductless air conditioning system. Richard, along with landscape contractor Roger Cook, host Kevin O'Connor, and general contractor Tom Silva ask, "What is it?" Tom helps a homeowner eliminate a mysterious leak in her living room ceiling.

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  1. 9:28 connection of the ground is done badly

  2. I would say, it so bad, it sucks….

  3. A spade would have put the homeowner over budget…

  4. TheRandomGamerDude

    Poor thing would not let go of the ladder 

  5. +Revvavver Pressure check held great! (though)

  6. What is the max distance the pipe can be from the compressor to the air

  7. Could you explain the electrical box that you wired up the compressor to do
    you have any video on how to wire up that box

  8. +Marty Lynchian varies by brand.

  9. +twennywonn well no crap at 3500 dollars the guy installing that was doing
    it for mcdonalds wages.

  10. 208 is NOT hV! above 600v is hV! damn, these guys are pros?

  11. +Marty Lynchian the manual included with system has the specs, and how much
    to add over the first 25 feet for Mits units, which are the best

  12. Nylog on flare fittings?

  13. +Marty Lynchian In a previous edition they quoted, 49 feet…depends on the
    charge and type of unit….

  14. +S. Jaski Call an electrician…… as they are time served and will wire
    it up to ‘Code’

  15. Goodman Cooling / Choice Mechanical

    these guys are not very knowledgeable after application. A mini split
    specially with inverter technology operates completely different… the
    metering device and everything are in the outdoor unit. my advice you guys
    need to take some classes.

  16. Is it really considered safe in the US to work in an unprotected platform
    like that? And with no hard hat?!!?

    Having done a working at heights course in the UK, you’d be kicked off the
    course immediately for standing on that platform.

  17. Roger knows more about A/C then the installer and Richard

  18. 3500 dollars?? In japan it usually costs 400-500 and extra 100 for

  19. Different currency.

  20. Anyone saw the model of the unit. I’m a Mitsubishi dealer and instaler, and
    seems that the unit is no more then 12000 btu/3,5 kcal. Wich is not enough.

  21. what do you mean different currency 1 dollar is roughly 100 yen so

  22. Where in Japan could i find one for 400-500 dollars ? This is a mini split
    not a window unit we’re talking about right /?

  23. There is little temp difference when it comes to mini split ductless line
    sets. The reason we have to insulate both lines in mini split systems is
    the metering device is located in the condenser make the smaller line part
    of the evaporator.

  24. inthisworld butnotofit

    Each state has it’s own codes. They’re in Florida which is pretty relaxed
    on regulations. California and Massachusetts are probably on par with what
    you’re used to.

  25. I am amazed. Here in the UK, you have to have safety rails at 450mm and
    900mm on all sides when working at heights. Contractors are not allowed to
    work off ladders now. If you get someone in to paint your house, you have
    to provide scaffold for them (or they provide their own). Jobs that require
    any element of working at heights REQUIRE the applicants to have a current
    ‘working at heights’ licence. I don’t think I would personally feel
    comfortable working on that plank.

  26. 18:34 That’s not how you install the J channel; relying solely on caulking
    would be asking for trouble and especially not your caulking! Speak for
    yourself there sport, obviously you’re not a caulker. Look at these holes!

  27. it´s unprofessional to use litz wire without cable lugs

  28. yup thats a 12K BTU too small for the space… and btw the installer kept
    saying “compression fitting” that it isnt, its a flare nut

  29. Richard gave a good description of how a conventional split system
    operates. However, in a “mini-split” such as this Mitsubishi, the metering
    device is found in the outdoor unit, making both of the lines “vapor”
    lines. And, I had to wince a little at the equipment grounding conductor
    connection for the outdoor unit. I would correct one of our guys if he left
    that much conductor not secured under the green grounding screw. That said,
    it is tough to get everything correct for television.

  30. You’re right but I need a specialist 🙂 Still! #rfzstt

  31. everybody was complaining about the weather. 9:25

  32. to hot and the ground he meant about the electrical because hot in
    electrical means the live wire

  33. and ground is that green wire which goes right into the ground

  34. Nick Giannakakis I find anytime this show does HVAC work it makes me cringe

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