Drill Storage and Charging Station

Here is another one of my woodworking projects, my drill charging station. It is a pretty simple project for any woodworking shop. Get organized with this drill charging station, it sure helped my. My drills were just laying around the shop and the chargers and cords were taking up my precious counter top space, but this fixed this problem quickly.

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I love my reconditioned drills! They are truly "like new" and are a bargain, seriously! This is where I have bought ALL my recondition tools.

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  1. Be been meaning to make something like this for a while now. I have an impact driver and a drill by makita that came in a bag case and I dread having to take them out each time for use cuz its just annoying 🙂 having them readily available like this with quick and easy access is exactly what I want. Nice job.

  2. Great job.

  3. @mattprzybylski Thank you, I really like how it turned out.

  4. Great vid! Nicely shot and you explain things well. You should record any little projects you do and put em up here…

  5. Well thank you very much! I really wished I did record more things I do and put them on here. But, alot of times time is precious and it takes quite a it more to video a project.

  6. I liked that, now I have to have one.

  7. Awsome! Hope it turns out well for you Donald. Thank for the comment!

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