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Building a little rig for the drill press to help guide a tap into a hole. In this video I show how I built one withut any machinetools like a lathe or a mill. I saw this in one of the videos on this channel an thoght it was a great idea!
Why not just chuck the tap an turn it by hand? -Well, I don't know. But it was a fun experiment!
A tapping guide for my drill press. It's a bit crude and I absolutely should have invested in a better chuck since this one is awful.


  1. Aaaah, very cool idea! Love it!

    It would have been nice though if you had said a few words for explanation. Up until about 3/4 of the video I was like “WTF is he doing there, what’s the purpose”, until the AAAHHHH moment 🙂

  2. Nice project, great idea!. I think the only thing I would have done differently is to put a groove in the tube near the end and installed a circlip instead of the hose clamp. Thanks for sharing your project!

  3. too much sparetime……….

  4. Very good idea – I’m impressed !!

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  6. настоящий мужик. сам создал проблему, сам ее и решил.)))

  7. good idea ..I lıke it….congratulation..

  8. Thanks someone gave me a old bench top drill press used the drive and spindle for a project. I was about to scrap the rest thanks for the video, now I have a cool new project. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is very good. Thank you.

  10. The Garbage Engineer

    The reason you don’t do it by hand is because if you have many threaded holes to make and/or they are big, you get tired and it takes longer…but if you do it right you can do it mechanically….you just have to take your time and line it up and clear the cuttings like you should…..

  11. The Garbage Engineer

    Suggestion: Also you might think about making space at the bottom to allow the chippings (or even facilitate the clearing of the chips/cutting out of the hole easier)..

  12. Cosmas, Great idea, beautiful work. Thank you.

  13. mach das mal OHNE Schweißgerät !!!

  14. Wieso?

  15. Thanks!

  16. +Cosmas , weil man Gewindeschneider DIREKT in ein Bohrfutter spannen kann.

  17. The Garbage Engineer
    CR CR

  18. i have been a cabinetmaker for over 40 year and have never seen the router used in the drill press like this. I have a cross vice and could make a jig to hold the router so I have control over the feed of the router. I have been using my metal lathe to do precision wood turning. Not any more! great use of the drill press table holder. great vid!

  19. Why don’t put the tap right into the chuck and let it feed py it self? For little ones, tight gently so it will slip instead of breaking. If it slip, put on reverse, clean the hole and go in it one more time and so on…
    Although, you trick is ingenious and deserve a mention!

  20. ΚΩΣΤΑΣ never


  21. Monologer Jørgen ryg

  22. Looks good but just my opinion kinda looks like a long way to go to solve problem that really isn’t much of a problem. ive never had s tap not follow the drilled hole doing it by hand as long as the original hole is correct.

  23. Thanks for the video. It gave me an idea of how to use a dead cordless drill to make one.

  24. A ideia é boa só que você colocou uma braçadeira melhor seria se fosse uma arruela de pressão

  25. Great idea! I will try to weld one up like this with my powerarc welder.

  26. Das Teil eiert doch.

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