1. nicely done!

  2. Marco Antonio Santiago

    very good idea !

  3. A very good solution! In this way the chips automaticly fall out. Also a lot quicker then setting the lathe up for the occasional small part. A tip to get the drill centered in the hole is to turn the drill in the left direction bij hand. This will aligne it 100% before drilling. Good work.

  4. +Rob Gerrits Thank you, and thanks for the tip 😉

  5. Dude you just saved me so much time. Thank you a lot, I needed a video like this to make washers and stuff without a working lathe!

  6. This is known as the Afghan Lathe.

  7. Very nice..now i know there is a useful purpose for the chucks i salvaged from old drills 🙂

  8. looks good .. could a simpler solution be found by using a machine vice and a vee block … or have I missed something ?

  9. I user this about 4 years ago to drill and tap some rifle brass for Hunter Safety Props I used a 1/2″ chuck. You do not need to use the shaft of the drill almost all portable drills use a chuck thread of either 3/8-24 or 1/2-20 which are thread sizes that can be purchased in many fastener styles. I use either set screws or allen cap screws Both are stronger than normal screws but still workable for sizing to fixture.

    A hint for the reclaimers reversible drills have a keeper screw on the end of the shaft it is Reverse threaded (Left hand) most of the time and it is loctited in. Open the chuck fully and find out what slot shape it is. Make sure your tool fits tightly. clamp the chuck in a vise and then proceed to remove. For the chuck it is best to clamp the tool in a vise and place a very large allen wrench 3/8 or larger and use impact on it to unstick it

  10. that was done the hard way. drill a hole in a piece of wood that has benn clamped to ehe table use a drill the same size as dowel . insert dowel in hole and drill

  11. 56

  12. That is actually very neat. It should be standard equipment with a drill press. A lot of added value for a small price.

  13. Useful, quick and easy jig. I used carriage bolts pointing down and glued into the hold down holes with wing nuts on the bottom, less obtrusive on the working surface.

  14. good fucking job dude, i knew when i looked at those lone chucks, they had an important purpose, today i found that purpose

  15. Is there a reason you rotated the work piece instead of the drill bit?

  16. Agnipoolu. Telugu serial

  17. If you rotate the piece instead of the drill, it wants to self-center. Watch some videos of people drilling holes on a lathe and you will often see that the drill deflects to center itself on the work piece.

  18. If you spinn the round object instead of the drill the object will tend to find the center. Drill presses are great tools. Why don’t you save up for a lathe? Does the job more easily and extends the possibilities of your creativity.

  19. I think what you mean is if the drill is sharpened off centre (by say 5mm)then whatever you drill is 10mm bigger, that is assuming a pilot hole has not previously bean drilled in that case the drill will cut true size

  20. Absolutely brilliant idea…!

  21. 10mm = 1cm.

  22. Jack Maravola

  23. One of those obvious things to do, AFTER you see it done! Great idea. Now I shall have to find that old drill. . . . .

  24. Clap Clap. If you were a dog, I would give you a dog biscuit.

  25. And a chuck in the tail stock of a wood lathe works great too!

  26. Rob Gerrits g

  27. Rob Gerrits

  28. Con Cahill garage sales?

  29. +pear7777, Get thee behind me Satan! :-). I already have WAY to much stuff that other folks would throw out. Not because it ‘might’ come in handy, but because it DOES get me out of trouble. Especially on Sundays when the shops are shut! I have to do some more ‘Up-cycling’ to make space already!

  30. You turned your drill press into a simple vertical lathe …
    A nice an simple way for homeowners to get more use out of their current tools.

  31. just drill a hole in a piece of wood the same size as the dowel then put the dowel in the piece of wood and drill it

  32. HHO Philippines. Right on ! A lot simpler !

  33. Golly … The drill press vise does the same thing. Who would have thought to screw around like this instead of doing it the easy way ?


  35. 1 plus 1 equals 2, can I have a biscuit please?

  36. Yeah, that was my thought as well

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