This is part one of my latest wood carving project. I hope to have part 2 up in a couple of days. I'm a beginner so tips/advice are appreciated. Like and/or subscribe and shoot some ideas on what you would like to see. Don't judge me for my music. 🙂 IF YOU HAV ANY PROJECTS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE DONE SEND THEM TO PO BOX 738 LIBERTY, KY 42539. Thanks for watching and check out my other videos.


  1. You can order Mylar sheets online, but I go to Office Depot and by Avery 18665 full page shipping labels. They work great. I have a video on using the Avery website as well. Check it out. Thanks for the Comment.

  2. Rick Arnold you may want to learn to use corel draw, since the program use vectors (mathematical curves) instead of pixels you can scale any black/white image from the size of a rice grain to a whole poster size without losing quality, also the program counts with vectorization programs to transforme any black and white image to a vector image instantly

  3. That’s what’s coming up next… on twang n Bang

  4. great vid but your adding alot of stress on your dremel motor by not hanging it up suspending the dremel. =)

  5. Where can I buy this Dremel 100 ? I also want to give a try.

  6. Nearly everywhere you can get instruments. However, Dremel 100 is out of production, 100 and 200 is not very good for woodcarving because they have only one speed, and it is a bit too fast. Dremel 200 and 3000 has “fake” speed control – it looses so much power on low speed that it is unusable. Finally, Dremel 4000 is more or less good.
    But at that price point there is no reason to buy Dremel. They are most popular, not the best. Too many vibration issues. Marathon machines or some clone of Foredom would suit you much better.
    Finally, real Foredom of Dremel Fortiflex are the tool.
    Of cause, you can do a lot with Dremel 200. But it is much easier to start with proper tool.

  7. ان شاء الله .. بالهداية و السعادة

  8. They sell an engraving dremel its 16$ i think but it seems rather specialised and extremely low rpm. I want to engrave metal and wood. Im curious if this could be done just as good with any dremel so instead of spending 16$ on a specialised tool i spend say 30 on a tool that can do that and alo more

  9. Codie Kennedy The high Rpms are better in my opinion. You get less snag and cleaner cuts. The dremel 100 is inexpensive and you get 30000 plus rpms.

  10. where can I find the art and what kind of paper?

  11. inshallah ان شاء الله
    many thanks .

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  13. Honestly, that’s not a patch on proper tradition wood carving with hand tools – looks like a cheap CNC engraver did it. Carving isnt so hard to learn and produces much better results. Check our Mary May’s wood carving channel

  14. Muy buen trabajo, felicidades! Crees que podrías poner un pdf del diseño de árbol, muchas gracias. Saludos

  15. what was the product name for engraving

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  17. Where did you find the pattern you used in the video? Thank you.

  18. Thanks for the video bro . Always wanted to try this and now I’ve made up my mind. So thanks for the knowledge and videos keep it up.

  19. +Eric Byrnne Google images or I sometimes draw and scan them.

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