DIY Workshop Dust Collection System

Using the Oneida Cyclone Dust Deputy, a 20 gallon Eagle container and my old Craftsman shop vac to create a DIY mobile workshop dust collection system. The system uses a 20 gallon dust storage container versus the normal 5 gallon container to provide added storage capacity between emptying. All mounted on a mobile cart having large wheels to enable mobility around the shop, garage or yard and still be able to roll easily over floor obstruction such as air hoses, extension cords or debris on the floor.


  1. Thanks all for the comments over the last year. Watch my 1 year update video that will be out in a few days.

  2. Pretty slick…

  3. Great job I do believe I will us some of your ideas, thank you 🙂

  4. This is very nice! I also like how you painted it!! Thank you!

  5. Robert Wadlington

    BT, I think it adds a little warmth to the surrounding. Thanks for watching.

  6. Nice job pal. Love the yellow. Glad you got a yellow extension cord. Did the bucket come with the Onida Cyclone?hat was your total cost?

  7. nice video robert but i have one thing to say….roll tide 😉

  8. Robert Wadlington

    David Bass Thanks for watching 🙂

  9. Love the video, it was explained in layman’s terms and any new DIYer would have a great dust collector following these plans. Thanks Robert

  10. Well put together video.

  11. Wow! That is beautiful! The craftsmanship is apparent as well as the thought and planning that went into this project. Great work!

  12. Thanks for sharing. You just showed an old dog a new trick.

  13. great project

  14. awesome thank you for sharing

  15. where can I get a 20 gal. Eagle container?

  16. that’s a nice looking setup! I am gonna steal some ideas but I think I want to build mine vertically to save floor space.

  17. Great job!

  18. You, sir, are the Man! Appreciation from New Zealand…

  19. Im adding a remote control to my dust collector !! Impressive cart love it ! 👍

  20. Robert Wadlington

    Radical Jack, thanks for watching and I appreciate the long distance comment from New Zealand 🇳🇿

  21. Great video. Where did you get the remote control starter switch? Thanks

  22. James May, I got it online FastCap RCV-3. It wasn’t anything special; today you can buy many versions of remote wireless electrical outlet switches; just check the amp load rating. I wasn’t really concern since I do not run my vac for extremely long period.

  23. Thanks and I am going to use some of your cast design modified to my ezuipment.

  24. Hey Robert, Thanks for a nicely made, informative video. Thanks for using classy music. When I’m going through a dozen videos looking something up and video makers are putting some loud distractive music on there it wears me out. Nice design! God bless.

  25. Me again. I’m trying to figure out an EASY way to use water as a filter for a final filtration in a system. I was thinking of the “rainbow” vacuum system but I didn’t want to get too carried away with this idea. Any thoughts on a water filter?

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