DIY Track Saw

I took an old circular saw and turned it into a nice track saw with a bit of aluminum and some plywood.

If I ever remake the track, I'll cut the slot only as deep as the thickness of the aluminum bar, which should eliminate the wobble I had to correct for in the end.

The pink stuff underneath the plywood is insulation foam, available at any big box hardware store. It makes it a lot easier to cut sheet goods, eliminating the need to hang cutoffs over the end of the workbench.

Tools featured in this video:
▶ Bosch Plunge and Fixed Base Router Kit:
▶ Rockler 3/4" Straight Router Bit:
▶ Freud Diablo D0740 40-Tooth Finishing Saw Blade:


  1. Man, I dont know why but I find those precision fits so damn satisfying!

  2. Love the mike drop at the end!!!!

  3. Niceeeeeeeeeeee I like 🙂

  4. Excellent video.  Well done.  Thank you.

  5. Great!!! thank you for the video and the Idea.

  6. Superb, a totally clean, clear construction of the simplest solution to cutting accurate straight cuts. Great video too, many thanks, and I too really enjoyed the masking tape for ultimate precision spacing of your router channel. Great work, thanks!

  7. what was the pink material you are cutting Into? great video…a plunge saw track that length would be ££££

  8. Styrofoam insulation

  9. I admire you so much in your ability to overcome your speech handicap and make such a good video! Keep it up !

  10. Haha, thanks!

  11. Not a yap, and it got me subscribe. 👍

  12. epic closing 😂

  13. router could have used a dovetail bit.

  14. The good thing with this, that bottom mounted bar, that you don’t loose too much from the depth of cut. Me, i just have a 250 straight square steel bar, inserted a long piece of wood in it, have 3 self tapping screws on it 1 in the middle, 2 at the both end. on the saw there is a “skate board”, bit wider but much longer than the original trail. (zero clearance) one side is perfectly parallel with the blade, cut off on an exact 40mm distance from the blade. I have no issue with accuracy, mobility is better, no clamps deeded. But i would prefer this one you showed here at home for sure, so i am going to make something like this in the future, Thank you!

  15. That could work, but you wouldn’t be able to lift the saw off the track in the middle.

  16. microphones are precision instruments with delicate parts. Do not drop them.

  17. Bella guida.. la copio anche io.. 😎
    Alla prossima…

  18. best and simplest i have seen, thanks

  19. I like the safety glasses “Mic Drop” at the end.

  20. An excellent how-to. One of the best I’ve seen on this subject. Thanks much!

  21. love the end. Done Son

  22. what’s the material of that sheet you laid the plywood onto?

  23. Why would so many give this a thumbs down. Great video!

  24. This is most amazing guide I have seen on YouTube. JUst perfect!

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