1. Very clever.  Thanks.

  2. Andrea's Workshop

    This is very ingenious design! Thank you for sharing!

  3. bra ide, når det gjelder material så veit eg treinnport.no har ein del, dei held til på Sola

  4. A couple of issues I see: Because of your saw design, your track is on the right side, instead of the normal left side. This would put the finished piece on the outside of the track, and not under the splinter guard. You would also have to compensate for the saw kerf as well. If you keep your finished piece underneath the track, you would get into a very awkward cross handed set-up, unless of course you’re left-handed! I think this design still shows great promise, but with a different saw that as the blade on the opposite side.

    Other than this, it seems like an ingenious design and a good alternative to buying an expensive track saw. I was thinking of doing something like this for my little skill saw, but it has the blade on the left, so would not work. Something like a standard 7 1/4 inch saw, would probably work just fine. Pretty much anything with the saw blade on the right.

    The nice thing about a 7 1/4 saws is the availability of good, cheap blades. Anyway, I thank you for the video, and think I may attempt something myself using your plan for my 7 1/4 inch Makita saw.

  5. Choices, choices, choices. Now I’m not sure which track saw conversion concept to pick from, I’ll probably start with an aluminium shooting board before thinking about your adapter plate and off the shelf track combo.

  6. very nicely done thank you for the video.

  7. very good . i like the idea, but if want to keep your arm a bit longer, i wouldn’t be putting it behind the blade while the saw is going! cheers.

  8. Great Idea I have the same saw would be great if u put that idea into production I wud buy one defiantly and kno many other who would

  9. Nice bit of work. How much extra weight does this base plate put on the saw. How does t feel like picking it up. I have been looking for years for a cordless saw to run on a track. The festool contractors saw is quite good and good for ripping although it can work a bit for deeper cuts. Hilti have the 22 volt (Australia) cordless saw that can run on a track Suitable to festool tracking system with base plate. The makita have a large range of cordless along with Milwalki so this is a benefit. The Bosch also have a tracking system but none here for the cordless. I think the major tool manufacturers like Bosch Makita Dewalt Milkwalki etc should incorporate a cordless saw to fit to a tracking system. The festool contractors saw actually has a fence that slides in a attaches. Great innovation though with a good blade perhaps you can get less chipping.

  10. Too bad it takes a lot of serious tools to build a simple one for the saw. Considering I ONLY have the saw this is out of the question. To bad the manufacturers dont make tracks that fits with all their saws.

  11. Very clever….I just bought the same saw….now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  12. Thank you Greg, it has been very useful.have fun building

  13. i don’t see the point in this? as nice the design looks? why would you do this? if you have a track saw? just use the track saw? no?

  14. +itfben Because this saw is cordless

  15. they do cordless track saws

  16. +itfben I Did not own one. . . . and now I do. . . .

  17. Awesome!

  18. Thank you very much

  19. itfben

  20. Its a nice idea but i don’t think I can afford all the tools to make it so probably best to use the track saw itself

  21. Thanks. You can build it with a jigsaw and a router, thats it.

  22. Bellevue Woodshop nice

  23. Great idea, don’t know how people can knock this.

  24. Thanks Daniel. Never actually understood the thumbs down button.

  25. Too much DIY work for wood track- saw plate adapter that won’t have the same durability as the OEM model made of metal. It is cheaper to just buy the metal one.

  26. Anthony Gumulzynski

    Can you make me one? 😬

  27. Brilliant! That’s my 18v cordless saw and I have a considerably cheaper track saw as well. Definitely my next for the shop project!

  28. Levine Levine r u posting there is a saw plate adapter available for purchase? If so, where?

  29. Easy to make, inexpensive, lighter, faster than running an extension cord, especially if you have no power outlet.

  30. Troy D the track is set on the workpiece (I.e. Keeper piece) and is running the cut in the correct direction for this left blade saw. For A right blade saw the track would be set the same ( ile. Again on the keeper piece) but the cut would run in the opposite direction.

  31. Thanks, glad you you found it useful. Thanhs for watching

  32. Bellevue Woodshop I built this. Too easy. Any suggestions for adjusting by .5mm?

  33. +WhoDatBe DareI
    I used google and found it.

  34. Great but who has all your tools to make this great item? I don’t.

  35. You can make this with a router table and a table saw, or even a circular saw. If you dont have a router table, you can cut the rabbets on the table saw as well, and the you can make this with 1 single tool.

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