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These magical fairy gardens will put a smile on everyone’s face, young or old and they are so easy to create! A special thanks to Avery for being the best co-host and fairy expert I could ask for 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-F

• Large planter

• Plants and succulents
• Potting soil
• Various size rocks and pebbles
• Moss and twigs to cover potting soil
• Wooden birdhouse

• Any small objects to use as embellishments in the garden

1. Fill planter with potting soil, and place plants inside. Add smaller plants, and tiny house to the planter.
2. Finish landscaping with rocks, sand, and moss.
3. Look for objects around the house or outside to repurpose as fairy furniture!

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  1. I love this channel even though I’m only 12 😂

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m 33, am I too old for a fairy garden??

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  8. I loved this video since my siblings are coming over , they really loved it. but I think we went a little too crazy on the glitter and props…. now I have broken pots in my backyard and glitter as well….. this took me 4 and a half weeks to clean, I regretted this decision, but it was still fun even if that means my siblings mixed cold water with glitter and dunking it on my head… 😂

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