DIY Drum Sander for Pillar Drill / Drill Press

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DIY Drum Sander for Pillar Drill / Drill Press:


  1. ΤΕΛΕΙΟ !!!!!!!!!!!!! Great idea for sanding tool !!!! Keep going !!!

  2. Windshield wiper motor to make the drill press go up and down automatically. Just a suggestion for any of us DIY’ers.

  3. You know what, we have a few windscreen wiper motors somewhere… lol.

  4. I built one of these just like you did, except I used ordinary 2×4 of pine to make the cut outs. No matter how much I kept at it with a rasp and sandpaper in the drill press, it’d never got properly centered and just kept vibrating, I dunno what I am doing wrong here, the center bolt was a very tight fit as well. I made it taller than yours so I could use store bought sandpaper without cutting it on both edges though.

  5. I like the project but have run into issues with my drill press not liking side thrust on the morse taper as it keeps releaing. I think I will have to jerry rig some sort of bearing under the nut on the drum to stop it falling out.

  6. I feel like an idiot, so simple, I shoulda thought of this!

  7. S’cause, ‘Could’ve thought’

  8. Андрей Горохов

    Простите, но подшипники дрели не рассчитаны на боковые нагрузки. Но идея изготовления приспособлений отличная! Спасибо!!!

  9. This is a good idea, however, why did you use metal rod to hold the paper on? That piece of metal on one edge of the drum throws the whole drum out of balance. You would be better off using a small wedge of wood instead.

  10. I surely appreciate the Ingenuity I continue to see in your videos.    Thank you so MUCH for sharing to the many of us who don’t think of these things, and are disappointed with the prices/availabilty of what is on the market.   You trigger some of my own creativity, and I just hope that soon I can donate time to my shop to finish some of the list of what I want to do!     Drat, I hate priorities that interfere with fun!

  11. I also agree!

  12. Боковые?

  13. Андрей Горохов

    +Alex Diamantopulo Да, в сторону от оси сверления. Но для не постоянного использования вариант, предложенный Вами, очень хорош!

  14. +Joel conceição I used a 90mm flat head nail as the pin, made it easy to pull out. 
    No trouble with balance because drill wasn’t set for the highest of 16 speeds

  15. What’s the bit on the drill at the start he used to get the circle’s out called?

  16. Michael LaHonta

    +Fred Kroesche What is the purpose of the pin and how? I don’t see that it does anything.

  17. +Michael LaHonta Other designs glue the sandpaper on to the drum. Great except when you have to replace it. This idea by Savvas allows you to wrap the sandpaper around the drum and feed both ends into the slot without using glue. The paper is held in place by the wedging effect of the pin, I decided to use a nail. Thats what I had handy and its easy to remove. Again thanks to Savvas for an inspirational idea.

  18. Does this allow you to accomplish anything more than what a Spindle Sander can accomplish… Or is this simply an option for those who don’t have a SS?

  19. +Nick Pernia Space saving.

  20. You are AWESOME Mr. Savvas! You make excellent DIY lesson and well done video. Thank you for taken times showing us how you can do it yourself with out spending much money, but with your imagination. Have a wonderful day.

  21. +the430movie You are not alone. All the people who’s making DIY videos for Youtube make me feel like an idiot, but I rather idiot because I’ve learn everything here about woods working and how to use the tools correctly. I think the people here on Youtube is AWESOME like Mr. Savvas and can you imagine how much times it take to do each projects and have to make video and going editing it. I Thank you to all the know how who’s share their awesome skills for people like me. Have a wonderful day.

  22. الربيعفي فرنسه

  23. Good job¡¡

  24. The rod/nail at 4:03 is to prevent the sandpaper from coming off but how does it achieve it?

  25. Drill presses are only built for compression loads .You have NO bottom support on this sander ,so the sideways pressure is ruining the quill bearings and will cause runout for drilling eventually..Bad design.

  26. Excellent observation, but how can you see what is at the bottom of the drum? can’t see it. I am more interested in that pin being driven into the side. I know what is for but how does it work?

  27. technically it wouldn’t be difficult to build in bottom support as you mentioned, the bolt used as a shank could be extended out the bottom of the drum into a board that is clamped at the base of the drill press with a hole just big enough to fit that bolt – that would allow the user to push against the side of the drum with a reasonable amount of force without worrying about damaging the drill bearings – wouldn’t be that hard to configure.

  28. Capstan table

  29. DAS

  30. So this video is a few years old now, how would you say these held up? Have any problems developed with your drill press with the lateral pressure being applied? Any lessons learned or things you would change about the design?

  31. That’s a good question – at the time and for the money it was worth it. I still use them now, and never had any major problems but recently the chuck’s jaws have become stiff because of pushing material against the drum too hard and not changing the paper frequently. I’d recommend making these with a bearing at the bottom or getting a proper spindle sander in the long term.

  32. Thanks for the quick reply. I think I will try to make a set of these with the bearing in the bottom. Great video, I have had it referred to me multiple times by different wood workers.

  33. I guess it’s calle “Holesaw”.

  34. Alpha Llus Ere Ctus

    muito bom

  35. excellent tip using the rasp against the drill pillar good video thanks

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