Diresta: CNC Tool Tote

This tool tote is a design I made several years ago, before I had a CNC machine. It occurred to me I can share the design with the Inventables Project page.

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  1. Cactus! workshop

    OH! it would be totally cool to make a small one for kittens :3

  2. could you attach some kind of vacuum to the router so you could just let it do its thing

  3. William Pellegrino

    Awww yeah that would be so cute

  4. Not only can you, but I did, and it’s pretty great. Still need to hang around and check on it, lest it go insane though (which happens)

  5. To carry kittens or for kittens to carry kitten related paraphernalia?

  6. We might need to order several of them 😀

  7. what if there were kittens being carried in one, while using a mini one to carry their kitten stuff?

  8. Wheelsmcdeals ace

    i still have a galvanzed steel tool box i made 30 years ago in tech school

  9. i have the one my brother made around the same time, it showed up while moving our parents and my brother didn’t want it so I adopted it.

  10. totes my gotes

  11. Make a baseball bat

  12. And Jimmy, thank you for the videos. I love watching you get to learn yours. I learn a ton from all of these.

  13. can you say which brad nailer that is, and what size, 16/18/23?

  14. I liked it. Very nice!

  15. Reyam Pharmacesit

    you are great man
    great husband your wife is lucky

  16. Hey Jimmy are you using the easel software from x-carve?

  17. emperor trajan360

    This is an awesome idea. Can’t wait to purchase my CNC machine! Great Job! Huge Fan!

  18. Absolutely amazing! Fantastic

  19. bella, ottimo lavoro

  20. very good

  21. did this ever make it to the inventables page cause i cant find it would love to make one

  22. love the compact case! I’m not very handy. lol. any way you wanna donate one to my wife? lol

  23. Бабайка Опупелая

    Спасибо, русские тебя тоже смотрят! 10x russians are looking u )

  24. I have been watching YouTube videos since 2002 as I remember! and I also recall that I’ve seen all kinds of videos so far.. but I admit that I haven’t seen any videos more interesting than Diresta’s .. its more like bedtime stories to me (every day have to watch some videos to learn and enjoy)… Keep it up man and thanks for sharing 👍🏼

  25. this is extremely satisfying to watch

  26. Oooo I’m in love with that CNC machine. 😍

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