1. What model # is this planer? Thx.

  2. You can click here to get the specific wood working plan & guides

  3. For more information, click this link:

  4. You used it wrong. A planer is used to Gove the board a true face. If you want a true edge you are supposed to use a jointer.

  5. Where’s your chip extractor peter fae Scotland .

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  7. after running the wood through the planer, how smooth is the surface? does it still need a lot of sanding? or just a little sanding?

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  9. safe to use thickness planer with edge side?

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  11. How much is it in euros?

  12. This gave me WOOD

  13. GettingDustyWoodWorks

    Hey nice video come check out my review on my channel! Be sure to like share and subscribe! Also did you paint all the silver black?

  14. The price wont

  15. Nice and easy to operate. Very smooth surface

  16. hahaha leigh wtf are u doing on here its Jezza.

  17. OLA Amigo faz um video com uma madeira dura.OK

  18. Ricardo Da Silva Freitas

    Please use a noise damper! This machine has a further 95 dB of noise. Do not want to be deaf before the time, protect yourself!

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