1. Pink Toes and Power Tools

    Jeff Zankie–sorry I can’t reply to your comment anymore after the YouTube
    update 🙁 I used 1/2″ plywood for the base of the guide and a 1×4 for the
    guide on top. So far this is my only video, but I filmed two others that I
    hope to post here sometime soon. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Thank you! Setting the 2×4’s underneath helped me a ton and relieved me of
    fear of incorrectly using my circular saw!

  3. Thanks for the video, this was a huge help. I use Irwin Quick Grip clamps
    and it didn’t move even 1mm while sawing.

  4. Pink Toes and Power Tools

    +darkNiGHTS0 That’s great to hear! I love my Irwin Quick Grips, but I find
    at times that they shift when I use them in other situations so I’ve never
    tried them with the straight edge jig. I’ll keep in mind that they worked
    for you. Those clamps are my go-to clamps though–love them!

  5. Pink Toes and Power Tools

    +Jose A. Munoz Jr So glad to help!

  6. I was using the same idea except I didn’t have the second board under the
    saw. Good idea. Thanks!

  7. Around 5:00 and forward made me SO GLAD I ditched cords. Cordless for life.

  8. You should come and fix my garage!!!

  9. NOW THATS A WOMAN!!! Good lawd…

  10. Michael Pritchett

    Thanks! Glad I saw this before I made mistakes and lost some body parts…!

  11. +ª39678 Which cordless circular saw do you recommend? My friend had one,
    but it seemed like the battery didn’t last long. Thanks.

  12. +GoodTimes I hate to suggest something so dear, but the one I chose was the
    Milwaukee Brushless 7-1/4″ model 2731-21 M18 FUEL Li-Ion cordless circular
    saw. I snatched mine for $279 on sale w/free shipping about a month ago,
    but right now they seem to be around $329. It came with a 5.0 Ah pack, so I
    have three 5.0Ah packs, and I still haven’t had to charge the first pack .
    . . These batteries just don’t want to deplete. It’s amazing, with the
    added efficiency of its BRUSHLESS motor and Li-Ion made for some seriously
    long lasting duty cycles. Seriously. It’s amazing.

    TL;DR – The two MOST IMPORTANT factors for run-time and power are: Li-Ion
    battery chemistry, and BRUSHLESS MOTOR! Whatever you get, be sure it’s up
    to this par in this day of techno-superiority and you should be happy. I
    only personally know the Milwaukee big-boy personally though. Good luck!

  13. My first cordless circular saw was a 5.25″ Craftsman 19.2V and it was the
    biggest piece of rubbish ever. Just worthless. It had Ni-Cad battery
    chemistry, but still, I’d get about halfway through a 3/8″ sheet before the
    battery would be dead, and it seemed to have less and less run-time as it
    aged. It also would get bound up so easily, completely worthless “tool”. My
    new Milwaukee M18 2731 is no where near in the same league. THe difference
    is astounding. No comparison. A real tool versus a toy. I can comfortably
    recommend the flagship M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ circ. saw.

  14. +ª39678 I just wanna build stuff with her lol.

  15. Thanks for the quick reply!

  16. Just looking at a few videos while I’m on You Tube. This one is not bad at
    all. Shows many of the basics of cutting sheets with a circ.
    Get yourself a shop vac. if you do wood work in your garage…

  17. Don’t listen to Michael2x, you should come fix MY garage!!!!

  18. and “make things”; giggidy giggidy

  19. +ª39678
    yes i know she sexually atract you. and me too with that pose.

  20. +Ethan L she is mine!!!

  21. Maharashtra Majha

    what is the type of wood ?

  22. EXCELLENT !! ;-)

  23. I really enjoyed this video ;D Keep doing them! it was just what I was
    looking for Did you get your saw table from Saw Stop? :D

  24. I prefer to have the plywood on saw horses.I mark each end of the plywood
    at the width of the cut, take a chalk line and mark the cut line then use
    my saw to cut the chalk line. simple

  25. Дмитрий Липков

    бабёнка так нормуль выглядит) я б вдул)

  26. Milwaukee makes some good tools. Personally the only tools I like to be
    cordless are my drills

  27. Benjamin Plows-Kolff

    Hi Kristen. Thank you for sharing this video. I’m building a shed at the
    moment as my first building project and watching a lot of how-to vids on
    YouTube. Yours is one of the most – if not the most, informative I have
    seen. I really connected with all the details you addressed – those are the
    things that so many other videos (mainly with guys I might add) assume you
    know and don’t explain. You clearly have an innate knack for explaining
    simply and identifying all those simple details that many videos tend to
    miss (for example, I liked the knot in your power cord and slinging it over
    your shoulder and the way you explained the speed you move the saw to
    prevent burning). One question… do you set your saw around the same depth
    as the ply? I guess you use those 2x4s underneath as your supports all the
    time so it doesn’t matter if you’re cutting them slightly?… Please keep
    up with making your videos. I think you bring a very unique and refreshing
    perspective to way building is taught and you’re videos will be invaluable
    to both women and men in empowering them to have a crack at building. Kia
    ora from New Zealand!

  28. I liked the fact that you checked for square. A few years ago, I assumed
    squareness, & started my cut from the wrong side. That sheet was almost 1/2
    off square. I’ve never experienced anything like that before or since.
    Needless to say, both ends were off square and that almost full sheet was

  29. wow women can do also craftsmanship i feel fall inlove to this lady

  30. Good video. Thanks a lot!

  31. I turned to black and white because you ran out of color film. 8:12

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