Custom Workbench combining Ron Paulk, Jay Bates designs

Just finished my new workbench project. I built the top based off Ron Paulk's workbench top from his plans (yes, I bought the plans) that sit on a fixed structure with lockable casters design that I took from Jay Bates's version of his Ron Paulk workbench. Like Jay Bates I too didn't have a need for a portable workbench and I liked the simplicity of Jay Bates' design.
Thanks Jay. Hope you don't mind me copying your design idea 🙂

Finally, I put my own spin by reducing the overall table top size to 3' X 6'. I didn't want the full 4' x 8' top fearing it'll block too much space in my garage.

Some details:
– The Ron Paulk style top and its torsion frame is all in 3/4" birch plywood (Lowes)
– Kept the dog holes 4" on center and turned out perfect with the reduced dimensions of 3' x 6'.
– I drilled the dog holes with woodcraft 3/4" forstner bit. 1 bit went all the way without dulling.
– Fixed frame is 2×4 lumber (Home Depot stock pine)
– Frame's legs are 2×6
– Casters are 4" lockable (Home Depot at $10 a pop)

I've shared some other details in the video including some observations and "issues" that you may find helpful if you plan on constructing your version of this bench.

I'll try to answer any questions promptly but please bear with me if you don't get a response right away.

Hope you like the video. Thanks for watching.


  1. If you store tools underneath the extra weight will stabilize the table
    more and make it less likely to move. He had a cnc machine underneath and a
    bigger table. I would try to add more weight before I modified it.

  2. +woodworks1423 That’s a good tip. I plan on adding storage for all of my
    power tools underneath.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to show off your workbench! Half the fun is
    making it. I’m in the process of making one myself – a slight hybrid of a
    bunch of great ideas off of youtube. Hey and maybe by version 3 or 4 you
    will sell your own plans :P

  4. +V King Thanks for your comments. I sure did have a lot of fun making it
    and agree that’s true joy of woodworking… good luck with your build. I’ll
    probably post a follow up in a few months once I’ve had a good couple of
    projects out of the new workbench. Do send me the link to yours if you
    build one and post a video

  5. +Aj Agarwal sure, sounds good. Might take another month or so, but will do!

  6. Hey Aj! That’s an awesome workbench Man. Welcome to the woodworking
    community! you have probably already discovered, that there is a HUGE
    amount of support for each other! I’m actually starting a new woodworking
    channel soon, so I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with all you
    guys! btw, you did great making the video! Have A Super Blessed

  7. Bench looks great. I’m gonna buy the plans and make one as well. FYI – Jay
    Bates (not Jerry). Nice work. I like it.

  8. instead of cutting into the wood … grab yourself a sheet of XPS. You can
    always find a local guy on craigs list selling off a few extra sheets.

  9. Thanks all for your feedback. Shortly I’ll be posting a video of a kitchen
    problem related improvement project. Look forward to getting your feedback
    on it

  10. Thanks for the suggestion… I’ll look into the XPS

  11. Yeah… I realized after shooting the video that I was incorrectly calling
    Jay Bates as Jerry…. Had it correct in the title. Was too lazy to reshoot
    the video all over again lol

  12. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with your woodworking channel.
    We all need more of us out there …

  13. Love the video newbie element – good on you, keep it up!

    Good to see some feedback on this design.

  14. Very nice build, Aj. I have been thinking of building the same kind of
    bench for my shop. I currently have an outfeed/assembly table that is
    getting pretty beat up so this looks like the design I will use to replace
    that table.

  15. Looks like a solid job. If your wood working looks as good as this
    workbench you should do well. Wish you luck with YouTube.

  16. Jay Bates not Jerry

  17. I like the smaller table choice and rolling table. Is there a middle
    support in the table?

  18. Boa noite, O Senhor teria copia deste projeto. Obrigado pela atenção.
    Grande abraço do brasileiro.

  19. Ole Jerry Bates Hahaha its all good im sure he understands and is probably
    laughing a little. On the other hand nice build, I may as well make this
    assembly table/outfeed table and scale it down to about your same
    dimensions myself.

  20. Agreed…all that hard work, you should prevent ruining it

  21. +Aj Agarwal Retractable casters can be found on Amazon (and elsewhere) for
    You may wish to check into that possibility.

  22. WoodWorkingGuy MN

    I got a good laugh at that one. I’ll be sure to call Jay ..Jerry when I
    comment on his nice job!

  23. I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!
    I just used casters with brakes to keep the table from moving while in use.

  24. Nicely done.

  25. Instead of changing the casters, how about making the legs retractable so
    they sit on the floor while elevating the casters slightly?

    I don’t recall where, but I’ve seen at least a couple of designs that would
    probably work. One had each leg independently retractable, and another used
    a brace between the pairs of legs on the short sides so they retracted in

    Best wishes.

  26. On second thought, the retractable casters on Stephen Thompson’s suggestion
    look like a very good solution.

  27. Looks good bro. I like it. sub’d

  28. awesome job! i would love to make one. I bought rons plans but could not
    understand how he made the template for the cutouts and how did you space
    them evenly? How did you space the holes on top evenly? please explain to

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