Custom Carved Wood Sign

This is a time lapse video of the process of making a custom carved wood sign for a client by making letter stencils to use with a pantograph that I also made. Custom work like this and much more available at


  1. try heat gun next time to take paper off

  2. Your router duplicator,is it homemade?

  3. Yes, I welded it in steel

  4. go to audio enhancements in your settings and find a piece of music the same length and overlay it over the top, its hard to view in silence, good job on the sign

  5. again, good job, do you have a source or an instructional on that?

  6. excellent job…well done

  7. Thanks! a youtuber named Matthias Wandel does a great job explaining the principle and has a couple machines too as well as a bunch of super cool builds too. I hope to make a video about how the pantograph works and how I built it soon.

  8. excellent job man.

  9. I’m an old time sign carver who was taught carving techniques by a very good man named Marty who was taught by a master carver named Paul White who had his studio in Cape Cod….I was wondering if there is any relation to you?….this would have been mid to late 80’s….

  10. Hi, Yes my fathers name was Paul White, he was a great carver but to the best of my knowledge never had a studio in Cape Cod. He died when I was young and I dont know much history. But through the 80’s we lived in Loudonville NY, maybe visited the Cape once or twice. Coincidence? Or do you know something I dont? He was bald with glasses if that helps identify.

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