Creative ideas for Garage

Creative ideas for Garage

1. Heading West – Audionautix


2. New Tattoo – Josh Kirsch/Media Right Production…
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  1. good job! happy new year

  2. Maria Teresa Encarnacion Contreras

    perfecto!!!! buenas opciones y muy funcionales! Gracias

  3. It must be nice to have a lot of money. Also, none of these shops actually look used. They look like pictures out of a catalog.

  4. Carlton W. Trainham

    I did not see one creative idea for the garage. Everything was a set of cabinets you buy online or from any diy box store. An I agree with other posts, non of those garages look like they had ever been used. They where not garages they where showrooms.

  5. A garage isn’t a garage unless it’s got grease and oil stains on the floor, a messy oil-staind bench, a buckt of tools laying around and a bikini clad girl poster on a wall. These garages are way too “lady like”.

  6. magnificas ideas. La musica es enervante.

  7. drywall is junk

  8. josecarlos jesus domaci stroji

  9. rich assholes!

  10. More than half of them are not even garages

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