1. In Australia guns are a lot more regulated than in the US. I’m thinking
    that your bowling balls and pins are a good, long-range alternative.
    Especially if there’s a bunch of them coming up the street.

  2. The only time I have been more disappointed is when the Mythbusters do
    that! 🙁

    LOL Only kidding I realise it’s a promo video and I hope you do well with
    it – for people who are new to this channel I can say I have sat through
    every one of these videos – most multiple times – and they are all
    entertaining and chock-full of useful information – so watch and learn!

    Edit: Oh and I forgive you for the song snippet…

  3. Ya, sorry about the song. lol


  5. Robb's Homemade Life

    We are not worthy! LOL
    what a great collection of projects you have made.
    I think you can make pizza with a table saw. LOL

  6. You. Need. T-Shirts.

  7. You da man!

  8. been looking into it.

  9. I wish i could . lol its been a huge pain in he butt. But it is coming
    along slowly but its getting there

  10. Mary C (White Eyelashes)

    You are too much fun and a talent hog…. Great stuff!

  11. LOL, Thank You Mary.

  12. Very nice, can hardly wait for your next 13!

  13. Very Cool!
    You’re like a woodworking version of a mad scientist.


  14. You’re CRAZY FUN IZZY!

  15. Dude.. you’re like… McGyver.

  16. Some really Great idea’s for jig’s some I would have never thought of very
    interesting Thumbs Up

  17. I built a 5hp 220 tablesaw that used a 18” blade and I thought that was

  18. Izzy, two thumbs up to ya. A real wood-smith, will you be my neighbor? : )

  19. hi izzy, I’m a big fan of your crazy inventions….

    I do have a question. How long can you keep a drill running ? I know there
    are carbon brushes on the motor…. so are they designed for long period of
    operation ?

  20. +Teck Chye Tan plug in drills i run for 5 to 10 minutes all the time.
    cordless drills i push to extremes all the time i have pulled the trigger
    and let them run till the battery dies all the time with no problems. not
    saying its a good idea. Its just my experience with them

  21. +izzy swan thank izzy, 5 to 10 minutes is plenty for my evil projects…. 🙂

  22. Леха Гришин


  23. Is crazy but Ilove it.
    Thank you for share

  24. Your website’s down?

  25. crazy man but genius man ;-)

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