1. well done. 

  2. I like it.  Projects for the shop are the best ones to learn on.

  3. Good start, we all must walk before we can run. Keep up the good work.

  4. Not bad. If your happy with then it perfect. I make some ugly stuff sometime but if I’m happy it perfect. Nice score on the plywood.

  5. Appreciate it!

  6. Once I get crawling, I’ll start thinking about walking. lol

  7. It’s growing on me. Thanks!

  8. Thanks!

  9. Hey everyone has to start somewhere, some of mine aren’t exactly brilliant but if there good enough for you and your happy then it’s a masterpiece, plus you could always change it at a later date or use the wood for something else, who would know ha ha.
    Take Care.
    Barry from England. 

  10. Awesome use for recycled ply.. as long as it serves its purpose i think its great 

  11. Thanks! Hard to beat the price.

  12. Thanks! I’ve already seen a few ways I could improve on it for next time. 

  13. As you said not perfect, BUT I found it VERY entertaining!!! I hope to see more!

  14. Good effort…youre drills are happy now!

  15. Hans-Gerhard Niehaus

    “now it’s a green projekt on top of the dome now”… *rofl

    It is a real good video how you do it and you gave nice ideas to me!

    Thank you for that from germany!

  16. A good rule of thumb is to set your dado and/or grooves 1/3 the total thickness of your material. All in all I would call your project a success.  Thanks

  17. Awesome video. At my house its the same, I make sure the wife can do her thing so I can do my thing. Happy wife, Happy life, hahaha…Cheers.

  18. Hey Shannon, if you didn’t like the dadoes for the material maybe pocket holes would be more to your liking?  You wouldn’t have to cut into the material past your glue line and weaken the lamination.  And you wouldn’t have to take the time to change your saw blades.  Just trying to be helpful I think the reuse of your material is awesome.  Keep it real man!

  19. I subscribed because I like your commentary and attitude. Good enough for a shop project, and keep building your skills!

  20. Appreciate it!

  21. liked the video a lot. its a shop project .doesn’t have to be pretty,just usefull. looks good to me. look forward to the next video

  22. Thanks!

  23. Great idea. Looks good for the old shop. Thanks for the idea.

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