COOL TOOLS Woodworking Full Season Episode with Chris Grundy (DIY Network)

GRR-RIPPER Now Available Worldwide

Check out the coolest tools in woodworking!
Chris Grundy and his tool experts show off:

The GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock by Micro Jig
Domino by Festool
Box Clamps by Woodpeckers
Hand planes by Lie Nielsen
and many more…


  1. Muy bueno el programa, los felicito 

  2. you are the reason i pay and watch hulu . know this you are the most
    important on tv networks. thank you and keep up the great work. retired
    architect and master builder. 

  3. Juii

  4. As usual no riving knives in place… so much for safety…

  5. Ty, obviously we have no control over the videos made by others. That being
    said, Micro Jig is all about the safety. We love riving knives, well made
    ones should always be used. Unfortunately, many saws do not have them (the
    “splitter” that holds the blade guards on many saws are NOT riving knives)
    so we also offer the MJ Splitter and Steel Splitter Pro systems to add a
    splitter to shop-built insert plates.

  6. Very good stuff first line. That to me is the ultimate in accuracy, I like
    to be well informed because I’m a toolmaker and the woodworking as a hobby,
    I live in the Amazon and Brazil have plenty left over wood, I like to
    always be working.


    Jairo Canineo

  7. Ironheart Fabrication

    And if you act now we’ll throw in a complete set of of Ginsu knives…

  8. Micro Jig GRR-Ripper. Just leave the guard on!!! This item is only useful
    if you are stupid enough to take of the guard.

  9. can the micro jig gripper work with jointer?

  10. Who made this hideous moron an expert on tools.

  11. this must be produced by the same people who do american muscle car, 4×4,
    and hotrods.

  12. Tools are always fascinating.

  13. I know you’re American but do you absolutely have to SHOUT your way through
    every video? Do you have a hearing impairment from working on building
    sites? I SAID CHRIS DO YOU HAVE A ….

  14. Yes. Check out garage woodworker. He uses it all the time

  15. +mattystewart8 It is a bit much but its an ‘exciting’ style which helps
    excite the viewer. It works even if its kind of annoying.

  16. I guess so. Thanks for replying.

  17. it is not exciting it is just immature, chidren trying to act like adults,
    appalling. Nevermind the brain dead music in the background 

  18. homeowner / payed actor…sorry payed bad actor

  19. thats so not true. You don’t need the best to make the best. theres wood
    workers out there that can make outstanding pieces of furniture with hand
    saws and chisels

  20. *Great informative video. Thanks for sharing!*

  21. I am a woodworker, I always have been, but I’ve never had TEN fingers.

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  23. Download 16.000 Woodworking Plans With Detailed Photos Here

    And make sure all guards are in place on power tools.

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