Cheapest DIY Dust Collection System

With total of $5 spent on a bucket and couple pipes this is by far the cheapest and easiest to make dust collection system. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more cool DIY videos!

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  1. Great is done, and more importantly doing the job. Congratulations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. +rahimictzli Thanks, it does work awesome and its very easy to clean.

  3. I noticed that your dust is of small quantity for demonstration but what of the dust are large enough to pass the first pipe that suck in the dust, is it not going to block the sucking hole. I think the pipe is too long to allow enough large quantity dust for longer clean up than always opening the vacuum plastic. If the first sucking pipe is made to be small, can it be able to suck efficiently?

  4. How is this any different than just using the shop vac by itself? Isnt the bucket just serving as over sized hose?

  5. +Mark Jones. 99% of the dust goes to the bucket and I dont have to clean the shop vac filter. And it is extremely easy to dump the bucket in the garbage and its ready to go again. After almost a year of using it my shop vac filter looks like brand new and you can barely see any dust in the shop vac at all.

  6. +Martin Minkov OK cool I understand. That sound like something I might try then.

  7. Johnny's Cousin Steve

    Your design is backwards from all the other vortex systems I’ve seen. It works, but it’s making me scratch my head a little as to why?

  8. +Steve Murwin I went to the store to get one and was like $75 and then I decided to make myself one and this was the 1st idea that came to my head. It works great and its just about free. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. interesting. at some point, that internal filter is going to get so clogged, that it will stop working. Do you have to clean it often?

  10. everytime i change the bucket i kind of shake the top few times and most of the small particles fall right off. never wash it but even if i have to replace it after a year, i can get 3 of them for $4.

  11. everytime i change the bucket i kind of shake the top few times and most of the small particles fall right off. never wash it but even if i have to replace it after a year, i can get 3 of them for $4.

  12. everytime i change the bucket i kind of shake the top few times and most of the small particles fall right off. never wash it but even if i have to replace it after a year, i can get 3 of them for $4.

  13. not really, every time I change the bucket i just shake it few times and most particles fall right off and its goid to go again

  14. honestly every time I empty the bucket I just shake the top few times and most of the dust particles fall off and I’m ready to go again. Maybe if you vacuum a lot of water it can get clogged I guess but since I made it I never had to replace it. Thanks for watching

  15. +shawnfarand Not really. Every time I empty the bucket I shake the top a few times and most of the dust particles fall off right away. I`ve been using it for about a year now and never had to replace the filter. Also if you are using bigger bucket it should work without the filter but you will definitely get some of the dust into the shop-vac.

  16. +Steve Murwin I agree the shop vac hose should plug into the top, which should be in the middle of the lid, and it should be just a few inches lower than the curved piece. The pipe leading to the curved piece should lead to the dust source, in this case the long hand wand, but can also go to tools. I would try that I think it works because of the filter, but the more dust you get in the bucket, the lower the suction, since the long down pipe will be covered in dust. That’s just my 2ยข, I’m no engineer, so I could be wrong.

  17. ุงูŠู‡ุงุจ ุจุงุฎุฑูŠุจู‡

    Ur dictation is to bad

  18. fishhuntadventure

    +Jamie Valentin ya, there are design flaws. The absence of dust in the shop vac isn’t a good indicator of its efficiency…just an indicator that the sock filter is functioning. The pressure drop/centrifugal separation that creates nearly loss-less dust drop from the air stream doesn’t exist in this design.

  19. Martin I made one just like that this afternoon and it worked well twice the it burst the plastic bin,where did I go wrong,

  20. +Bill Lupton not sure. Mine works just fine. Did you use the same size bucket?

  21. And so is your spelling. I think you meant “too bad”. If you’re going to criticize something that has nothing to do with what his video is about, maybe you should make sure you’re correct also. It’s a good video and I don’t care about his dictation–pretty sure it was easily understood by everyone.

  22. You’ve defeated the cyclone concept by reversing the air flow, then using a foam filter. You can buy foam filters for a shop vac and delete the extra bucket and hose entirely. It would be more compact, simpler, and easier to use. The foam filters fit around the original cylindrical shop vac filter and are washable.

  23. +Dldmny I was never trying to do the cyclone concept, I was just looking for much easier way to collect the dust. The shopvac has 2 filters nut it’s just too much to wash them everytime and they get clogged so fast, my concept is just to keep the dust towards the bottom and keep my shopvac filters clean all the time

  24. Awesome idea.. I’m going to try and make one next weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. You’re on the right track, but may I suggest a few changes that I think would improve it?
    1. You defeated the purpose of a pre-separater (maintaining suction by keeping the filter clean) when you zip tied a filter around one of the pipes. Take that filter off.
    2. You’ll have to empty the bucket constantly because you only gave it 2″ of capacity. Cut the long pipe a little shorter.

    Pretty easy fixes.

    Regardless, thanks for posting the video.

  26. Are you bulgarian?

  27. +ProMaster BG yes

  28. Martin Minkov ััƒะฟะตั€

  29. Smart Idea! I have everything and will make one for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  30. +David Smith no problem.

  31. I think this is a hair collecting system for your hairy arms… Awesome vid btw, keep it up lol.

  32. +icyburger ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. you should try put water in to the plastic bucket so water is filtering dust

  34. +amra milan ok. I’ll try. Thanks

  35. Looks like it would make a Shop Vac filter last a good while. I’ll give it consideration and thank you for the video!

  36. +James Marshall ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. this is the wet design which is used for fine dust. fill 30% with water and place a net curtain on top (scrunched up).
    in the dry design, air enters the side (following the curve of the wall) and exits the lid-centre. dry design is for bits, sand and sawdust.

  38. Is not working properly. The filter you zip tied is stopping the dust from going into your shop vac. Look at other designs on youtube for a better assembly. Basically yours is backwards. I built one and put the curved piece on the edge of the lid so it exhausts to the side of the bucket. I put the straight center pipe (about 4 inches long) in the middle of the lid. Hook the center pipe to the vac and the edge pipe to your tool.

  39. +Robert McFee yes, thats the cyclone type dust collection. that’s a good way too.

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