Charging Station / Desk Organizer. Charge up to 4 devices!

►►Charge up to 4 devices and organize your desk! Read more about this fun back-to-school project and download free plans:
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This episode also features the GB-1 GRR-Rip Block. (Great for routers.)

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  1. When it gets frustrating, time to leave the shop.  Too many mistakes that way.  Plus the risk of injury goes up with making more mistakes.

  2. +Michael Stephenson Thanks, man!

  3. +Tom Howbridge Thanks for the info, i’ve seen it, it’s a cool “collaboration”.

  4. Well its a collaboration ! I’m not sure they would do another one but you never know !

  5. +Matthias Wandel some time ago , when I was working on a project, I reached a point where I could saw straight (tricky side dovetail against the grain). I was going back and forth, but my brain was completely phased out… Couldn’t get the cut finished :-/

  6. What is the pc program?? You use to the make the projects?

  7. Sketchup.

  8. Lol, you made so many mistakes and wasted matieral you should of just bought a new one. Typical male “I can do it by myself!” attitude. Still, it creates an industry, millions of dollars and jobs spent, shops made to cater to these so called “handy men”

  9. +tosgem Bad day?

  10. I can’t wait for YOUR video:))

  11. +Steve Ramsey hi can you make me one of my bed room i am getting done up

  12. Shadow Thy Wizard

    Well, can you do better? Try to make there first before judging.

  13. +Steve Ramsey how much is sketch up? Is it worth it to buy??

  14. +Gage blakely It’s free! Get Sketchup Make. Definitely worth learning.

  15. +Steve Ramsey thank you so much for the reply! You’re a great guy. Great woodworker. I will definitely look into this!

  16. Thanks Steve ; Good work.

  17. Do you know the model number of the charging hub? I can’t seem to find the same one and I have a class full of students that would like to make this project. Thanks,

  18. +Daniel Bell Hmm…I’m not sure. I picked it up at Staples. I would try any office supply store.

  19. Is there enough plywood on a 2’x4′ sheet of plywood (3 sheets total one for each thickness).

  20. Steve,
    I’ve never made one of your projects cut for cut but I have learned numerous techniques from watching your vids. thanks.

  21. Why are you on YouTube videos go on tv man

  22. Thinking of making something similar for Product Design

  23. Companion cube FTW!

  24. The cake is a lie.

  25. Abadullah D

  26. Daniel Bell it is from staples if that helps

  27. I feel like I’m watching a tv show. Im diging your videos!

  28. Daniel Bell 一

  29. nota dez Stive

  30. Can you do a little gum ball machine

  31. Angel Mabaho

  32. Abadullah D

  33. Matthias Wandel

  34. +Mike & Barb Bush ??

  35. +Angel Mabaho ??

  36. محمد منصور محمد الكردي

    thank you. thank you. thank you. Steve .thanks

  37. i thought you were way younger

  38. Redneck Mountain Man

    Did not see the plans for it would like to make one.

  39. lol that was the most stupid comment i read today

  40. Hi Steve, what Tool is that at 4:50 min , with that you trim that edge cover ? and where i can get it ? thanks from germany for your videos, i look them every week !! they are great
    sorry for my bad english
    greetings from Germany

  41. Steve always makes me laugh with his comments

  42. Man, you’re funny sometimes! To be honest. I didn’t expect any humor from you! Loved the content! Please keep it up!

  43. Bradyvilleboy .Bradyvilleboy

    Great video. I like that you show your mistakes. I make quite a few myself, and I can be easier on myself when I see it happens to the pros as well.

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