1. I feel like a classy gentleman when I listenthis


  3. Best piece of game music ever. The composition of this is far beyond the usual stuff.

  4. Whaaaat can I do for you?

  5. If I was an aristocrat this would be playing in my big, fancy mansion 24/7

  6. I’m interested in this.

  7. “Like a sir” Theme song.

  8. Gentry, I implore thee to indulge in a glass of wine as the music fills the room.

  9. Ah Nostalgia.

  10. If you learned to play this piece perfectly, then time traveled to the 18th century, and performed it. You would be called a master along with Johann Sebastian Bach.

  11. I just can’t believe this was written for a video game! It’s just as good as Bach!

  12. +Tommy Sasaki J.S Bach’s music didn’t get widely spread throughout Europe and the world until after his death, unfortunately.
    He was of course well known as an organist in the region of Germany from which he came, though! 🙂

  13. +Neue Ära So sad. Its just like with artists 🙁

  14. +Espeo92 jajajaja yup!! that’s when you are purchasing stuff with the old man right??

  15. +Espeo92 LOL! this comment made my day

  16. +Espeo92 Hehe! Thank you!

  17. Those 10 folks that clicked the dislike button…….you are fr00ty twat waffles and I shall send you to realm of demons.


  19. Baroque, Neo-Baroque, and Baroque-inspired pieces make my heart dance.

  20. +Dean Andrews The are clearly under the control of Shaft

  21. “Would you care for some tea and crumpets, sir?”

  22. It’s been a long time, old one.

  23. Francesco Adinolfi

    This is when you realize you’re no longer playing a videogame but a masterpiece.

  24. +Thiago Medeiros “I’m interested in this.”

  25. I need your help, you won’t go unrewarded.

  26. What if they make a remake for this game and all of it’s music was orchestrated?

  27. absolutely true.

  28. Indubitably.
    *sips tea

  29. This song makes Mozart, beethoven and Bach ejaculate in their graves!!!

  30. RandomMaestro [KenshiroChopin]

    It’s easy to play at least

  31. Farewell for now!

  32. They could keep those aspects. But I guess it would basically sound the same except with more realistic strings.

  33. Nevermind, It would sound a little different in all the instruments. Yes the instruments were made with real samples, but the samples were computerized and not as realistic.

  34. An eternal masterpiece!

  35. +Jacob Cole
    idk 2D games are not very profitable these days. Turning it into a 3D hack n slash game? That would be extremely difficult. Especially if the want to get the “feel” of the game right.

  36. Two words

    Dark Souls

  37. This game must be played with a good red wine

  38. Genya Arikado ur a.lucky bastard having a white girl as ur gf 😅😅😅

  39. well in that case, what can I do for you?

  40. Zerge Starwick hi how are u.😝😝😝

  41. yesss man!!!

  42. god bless michiru yamane!

  43. – But young master, I can’t aid those who oppose the master.
    – You won’t go unrewarded.
    – Really? In that case just tell me what do you need.
    Then you jump below his chair to get some free stuff.

  44. Skeet Skeet Skeet

  45. I know i’m two years late for this comment, but u should watch the “Vinheteiro” version of this song on two pianos at the same time 🙂

  46. Mr. Hayabusa. Clothed in classic Victorian era clothing and just gliding around everywhere.

  47. “Just tell me what you NEEEED!”

  48. aesthetics you can’t make a Dark Souls out of Castlevania Fuckonami already tried with Lords of Shitto and failed.

  49. Demonkai Mugen



  50. hehe Zhank you

  51. No you shouldn’t. It wouldn’t exist otherwise in Castlevania.

  52. Farewell for now

  53. Agreed. This is a MASTERPIECE by all accounts and time periods

  54. Mr. Hayabusa I know where you got that profile picture from…

  55. I never drink wine.

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