Carving a Wooden Bowl: Green Wood and Hand Tools

Follow the process as a fresh cherry log is sculpted into a wooden bowl. More information is available at DAVIDFFISHER.COM. This video features the use of edge tools including axe, adze, and drawknife, as well as layout and holding methods.

Making things in this way is very enjoyable, but It should come as no surprise that you can really hurt yourself with an axe. This isn't intended to be a full instructional video with safety recommendations. So make sure you know how to work safely if you give this a try.


  1. Something isn’t letting me reply to specific comments (temoporarily, I
    hope). Allan, regarding your question about the adze, please see the
    Frequently Asked Questions page at my website davidffisher (.com). There
    is specific info there about tools.

  2. that’s true craftsmanship, not a power tool in sight.

  3. I love that you used the properties of an ellipse to draw the opening of
    your bowl. Math in action!

  4. Beautiful work, the end result definitely warrants the time and effort you
    put into it.

  5. really nice

  6. What’s the name of the tune at the begining? It’s perfect for this video.

  7. Gheeee, no power tools……….what fun was that? Kidding of course!!
    Beautiful job and I would imagine very satisfying. Thanks!!

  8. I would have messed up at so many stages in making that bowl. Awesome old
    school wood working skills man! :)

  9. guaauu

  10. you, sir, know how to put a razor on the end of that tool!

  11. it’s easy to see, even from the untrained eye, that your skill with hand
    tools is extraordinary…your touch with the axe and the other tools is
    awesome to watch…I’m guessing it takes years to get the level of
    sophistication with you exhibit in this video.,none the less, it is worth
    watching and those of us who would emulate your skills, keep honing those
    skills until we become remarkable in our abilities and achieve something
    resembling what we see in this video….this is only possible if we, like
    you have an almost spiritual connection and affinity with the material and
    the process.

  12. How long did you let it dry? Also what’s the name of your gouge?

  13. Drying only takes a couple weeks. The gouge was made by Hans Karlsson.

  14. What are the dimensions of this bowl?

  15. I don’t recall exactly, but smaller relative to most of my bowls. I think
    somewhere around 16 inches long and 7 or 8 inches wide.

  16. Can you make a full tutorial on carving a really cool bowl, step by step or
    something like that. If you can thanks.

  17. how long did it take for you to do that one bowl?

  18. Where did you get the log from?

  19. A fallen tree. Check out my website and blog. Ton’s of information there
    that would be helpful to you.

  20. The One And Only Julez

    That is true craftsmanship! Beautiful piece.

  21. Great work! amazing craftsmanship!

  22. Eric Day peeling up a nice curl is soooooo satisfying

  23. Beautiful bowl∑(゚Д゚)

  24. what is the name of the song you can hear at the beginning?

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