Carving a Wood Sign Freehand with a Router

In this video I make a gift for my cousin's wedding. I show you how to carve a wood sign. It's an fairly easy process to do with a router and a V-groove bit.

I also sell custom wood signs on my website.

I learned this technique from Dave and Eric over at be sure to check out their videos.


  1. can you maybe do a video on how you made your stencil on publisher. thanks

  2. +free2danz I doubt I’ll ever do a video. I’m no expert in publisher, I find myself frustrated most of the time I use it. What I did here was use Powerpoint. I find PowerPoint the easiest thing to use when making posters and sign layouts. I just used text boxes to layout the text how I wanted, then saved the slide as a picture. In publisher I set the page to the size of the wood I am working with and import the picture. I size and crop the picture accordingly and print. There is a setting to print it full size with multiple sheets of standard paper.

    Those familiar with Publisher are probably shaking there head right now. Powerpoint is also how I create the thumbnails for my videos.

  3. Can this sign be used outdoors?

  4. +Joan Soldano The way I finished this one, No. I’ve used Krylon Clear coat on several which holds up well in the arid climate of West Texas, but failed in the humid/wet East Texas climate. You’re best bet for outdoors is a few coats of Spar Urethane. Any and all out door signs I make now are finished with Exterior Grade Urethane

  5. You do work like I do. I love the Golden Pecan. On a light board it really does take two to three coats. I like how you use your router, and watch the bit as you do the work.

  6. If you don’t have a heat gun can you use the laquer remover to remove the paper; or is there a less sticky spray glue that would work?

  7. +Sandra Johnson Lacquer thinner probably works better than a heat gun

  8. what king of router bit do you use for the lettering ???

  9. A 60degree v grove bit.

  10. maybe you could use a dremel to sand the inside of the letters, and stencil the letters on the wood instead of glueing

  11. If I was making the lettering smaller , would you still use the same V bit ?? Or would it be a different bit??

  12. Or would you just adjust the plunge depth ??

  13. Same bit. width is controlled by depth.

  14. Thanks for the tip

  15. Great idea. Like the video. Couldn’t you just use carbon paper to copy the design to the wood and route over that? Typically, that’s how it’s done in woodburning.

  16. That would work. I didn’t have any carbon paper when I did this

  17. Your project was very nicely done! Thank you for taking the time to make the vid -very useful and informative.

  18. Matt Kenny wax paper works also

  19. I love that golden pecan. Thanks for the video

  20. Why is the name (Adam) a heavier font than the rest?

  21. Stylistic choice.

  22. John Coonradt jr.5

    What kind of router did you use and what kind of spray sealer did you put on the pine.

  23. I used my Craftsman Plunge router, I think a palm router would be easier to control. A 60-degree V-groove bit, Spar Urethane (Aerosol). I’ve found clear spray-paint does the same thing for cheaper.

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