1. Great tuto, will be usefull for me.

  2. I am glad that this video is still generating a lot of response and carvings.  Keep it up.

  3. I’m going to practice with a potato

  4. Muito bom o vídeo, excelente a explanação, melhor ainda a música. 10!

  5. I came for the wood carving video and I stayed for the Johnny Cash!

  6. Merrick Fonnesbeck

    Hey I ran across this tutorial a few days ago.  I would like to use this idea for a wood carving merit badge class that I am doing for my local unit.  Question I have is, do you think this would work on a rectangular block of wood as opposed to a round stick?  If so, would you recommend a flat side or the long edge of the block?  Let me know your opinion.  Thanks.

  7. Ik ben een Belg, en inderdaad met deze video leer je in een minimum van tijd heel veel. Ik maakte de eerste van amper 8 CM hoog uit een rond hout van 3 CM. De andere echte wood spirit is 60 cm bij 20 CM uit een schorsrest van Douglas.

  8. Grappig om een andere Nederlands sprekende te zien onder een video zoals deze, zie ik niet vaak. Ik kom uit Nederland.

  9. I am so digging the music!

  10. Trying so hard to read the instructions while resisting the urge to sing along to johnny. Why must you do this to me.

  11. +Dieseluk2k Brother, I have to thank you. I followed the Live at Folsom Prison, and now, I listen to JC quite a lot. Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Jennings and Kristofferson, and I keep looking for more. Thank you for allowing me to set my first steps!

  12. Thanks for your video. I just started wood carving (whittling) this Christmas with a gift to myself (I’m 55 years old). I am intrigued with the wood spirit style of carving but couldn’t find much on doing so with just a knife as that is the only carving tool I have. This was very informative in a step by step fashion that I greatly appreciate as a newbie. I’ll begin this right away.

  13. +Buckskin066 Thanks for the video. I think you’ve just created a new woodcarver. Could you advice any toolset or knive’s for a beginner?

  14. +De Leftover
    I know of a new carving website that I just found. You might try there. Funwithcarving.com

  15. please allow download

  16. Thank you Buckskin along with all the other commenters I watched this video so many times I thought I had it memorized I did my first spirit today with my new Flexcut pocket jack -6- tool pocket knife now I am back watching again love it new fun for this 70 +

  17. awsome tutoral.jonny cash is king.

  18. Hello what fantastic video on tree Spirits iam from Manitoba and cotton wood is very hard to find here any suggestions

  19. That was an awesome video!… Beautifully done, step by step for carving newbies. Amazing that you used only ONE tool, a detail knife The Johnny Cash music was a welcome addition to the lesson… Thank you..

  20. I watched it again, So i will say it again! – That was wonderful…And Johnny Cash too! The carving was well defined in ‘steps’. Thank you.. Us newbies really appreciate it.

  21. I have just started wood carving this year in grade 7 and this was the most simple wood spirit I have ever made. Thank you!!!!!

  22. Lewis Smile the potato spirit

  23. BlindOwl Outdoors

    Thanks Nice Video

  24. just found this video, it was easy to follow and my first ever carving turned out great! took 2 hours though, didn’t want to rush and ruin it. time will descrease as i get better

  25. A very didactic and useful video. Thanks a lot.

  26. you are an inspiration! you can teach an old dog new tricks!

  27. Dieseluk2k I did the same thing

  28. At times I couldn’t focus on reading the captions – because I was getting lost in the music!

  29. love the music with the video!!!

  30. the same

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