1. Apprentice carpenter here and curious what sorcerous piece of wood is that ? Looks more like clay. Awesome anyhow.

  2. Most likely bass wood as it is the second best wood to carve, butternut is the best but hard to get

  3. looks like bass wood

  4. Where is the sound?

  5. Love it, also there is a nice collection of plans on http://geni.us/Woodworker

  6. +Amanda Loteneski nice

  7. what is the easiest wood to carve? i know walnut is really hard is this one hard

  8. +Hamsteranimater , Yes this Rose is in basswood. Basswood is also known and Linden or Limewood, which is considered as an easy carving wood because it is soft and fine grain which holds detail well.

  9. +RANDOLPH ROBERTS , There is no sound on this video. My other videos have sound, but I thought this video didn’t need it. I should have added music so there would be some sound, but unless I created the music myself, I was unsure of copyrights.

  10. Thanks. Have you ever read John Hagensick’s book on the rose?

  11. thanks!

  12. +Amanda Loteneski …

  13. PLEZ PLEZ PLEZ! Do a video about panting that!

  14. How did you keep the wood on the board. I’m a carver and I’ve only ever used rubberized cloth and that isn’t always effective. Great post by the way. I’ll keep watching for your new projects. Thanks. Joe

  15. I would like to know the size.

  16. It is about 5 inches at the base and 3 inches high.

  17. Benhur Takasihaeng

    seni banget kagum

  18. đẹp quá!!!

  19. how did you get the rose to not move while carving?

  20. How long did this take ? I like

  21. I think I would like to try this with wax or soap the first few times just to get in practice quicker. That and I could always melt the wax back down to try again…and again (I’m going to need it) LOL.

    Thanks for the great video, you’ve got TALENT.

  22. Ryan, carving in wax or soap is okay for studying the shape butt most of the challenge is dealing with the direction of grain, making the cuts with the grain so as not to break it. I use sweet potatoes (yams) for the cub scouts to practice carving, using a paring knife. It is less messy and they can eat the chips.

  23. +The Carving Shop
    Good advice, thank you.

  24. güzel olmuş maşallah

  25. Really beautiful work. Do you have any for sale? if not i would love one. how much would you charge?

  26. how did you cut the wood initially to be into that block? I would like to attempt this project, but am having a hard time getting the wood to be that shape to start with. Great video

  27. Atom50 Use a bandsaw or a hack saw.

  28. Tarzan The wood block has a peg and he used a vise/clamp.

  29. awsome wood rose i really wish i had one i love all the art that my eyes can see many blessings to you.

  30. jelutong is great for carving.

  31. nice but no words ?

  32. Do you sell these? I’m looking for something like this for a five year anniversary gift.

  33. Amanda, Are these plans related to the artist who created the video? I did not see anything there for a rose. It always bugs me when I see people go to other peoples comments and drop in adverts so I hope this is for his work since he (the Carving Shop) did such a great job putting up the video and great art!

  34. call

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  36. Creeper Universe


  37. The Carving Shop

    It isn’t often that I paint my woodcarvings, because I like the beauty of the wood to show, which is why I like using a clear natural sealer. If I was going to paint it, I think I would choose to use colored pencil (with water to even it) with a clear sealer over the top. Colored pencil can be applied thin enough to let the wood-grain show through. I have YouTube videos demonstrating my color pencil painting technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3YBjaLEpgs

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