1. Very nice! I envy you for your talent. I wish I knew what wood did you use?

  2. what kind of wood is the best suitable for carving?

  3. The easiest Wood to carve is in my opinion Limewood (Tilia cordata)

  4. Lime Wood (Tilia cordata)

  5. +Christer Björkman Thank You! 

  6. +Christer Björkman very nice! ,сколько времени потребовалось ?

  7. Whats the name of the music used in the video?!

  8. Sounds like the original for the flamenco introduction adapted for Spanish Caravan by The Doors. Top song..

  9. Wonderful.

  10. jointheresistence123

    I am scared by the music

  11. Any videos for people just beginning to carve?

  12. What wood is?

  13. ابداعك بهذا الفن الرائع …رائع

  14. que hermoso el arte que hases bendiciones

  15. Mari Carmen Carpintero

    The name of the song is “Asturias”, by Albéniz, 1890.
    Yep, was adapted by The Doors for “Spanish Caravan”

  16. you are very talented great job.

  17. Lose the music, please! I actually like the sound of wood bein carved. Other then that great videos.

  18. Parabéns, ainda mais para uma pessoa jovem essa destreza de uma pessoa que já tinha bastante experiência!

  19. Linden /Basswood. If the wood doesn’t come off in chips, you are doing it wrong.

  20. молодец

  21. Needs to be on people are awesome


  23. how long did it take you

  24. parabéns muito bom

  25. Why does this music remind me of an Iron Maiden song?

  26. You are a good artist i am oscar from mexico city 🙋

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